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Langwarrin (VIC 3910) Suburb Information

Sales History for Langwarrin (VIC 3910)

Yearly Sales Information

(Please note that sales history may not be available for every year.)
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Other Sales History Information

Median Sales Prices for Langwarrin (VIC 3910)

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Streets in Langwarrin (VIC 3910)

Acacia Wynd
Agnes Court
Airlie Court
Alcon Court
Aldershot Road
Alder Street
Alexandra Mews
Alison Court
Allen Crescent
Allington Place
Altarnun Road
Annette Court
Anthony Place
Anthonys Lane
Anthony Street
Antrim Place
Apollo Court
Apple Berry Avenue
Aqueduct Road
Aqueduct Track
Archibald Place
Arduina Court
Ash Grove North
Ash Grove South
Ashwood Close
Athol Court
Australis Close
Avon Court
Banksia Court
Barretts Road
Bayport Drive
Beacon Drive
Beckenham Place
Beech Street
Bellary Lane
Bellbird Court
Bendemere Rise
Bendmere Rise
Bergman Road
Beverley Court
Bevnol Road
Bianco Court
Bilby Lane
Birch Court
Birgita Court
Blackburn Mews
Black Sheoak Place
Black Wallaby Drive
Blue Gum Mews
Boggy Creek Court
Bolton Court
Bonacci Place
Bottlebrush Court
Bower Court
Brabham Court
Brabham Way
Breese Road
Briar Court
Bridgewater Court
Brilliante Circuit
Brokenwood Court
Bronzewing Court
Browns Road
Brown Thornbill Court
Bryson Court
Bryson Road
Burgess Drive
Bush Court
Bushy Court
Calista Court
Camp Road
Candwindara Court
Carisbrook Court
Carolyn Court
Carr-Boyd Road
Castlehill Rise
Castles Grove
Casuarina Close
Catherine Court
Cavill Close
Cedar Street
Centenary Break
Centenary Park Drive
Centre Break
Centre Road
Chadwick Close
Chandos Place
Chatswood Avenue
Chiam Court
Chiltern Rise
Cicala Court
Cinerea Glade
Claire Court
Claremont Court
Clematis Court
Colin Court
Collina Court
Colwyn Close
Coriander Court
Correa Court
Cotoneaster Way
Cozy Valley Road
Cranbourne-Frankston Road
Cranbourne-Peninsula Link Out Ramp On
Cranbourne Road
Cranhaven Road
Crenada Close
Crowea Court
Cuneata Close
Dandenong Hastings Road
Dandenong-Hastings Road
Daniel Court
Daniel Drive
Danielle Court
Dara Track
Darnley Break
Darnley Drive
Delgany Rise
Delicia Street
Denise Court
Diana Court
Domain Court
Domain Parkway
Domain Parkway Court
Donald Road
Duiker Court
Dune Circuit Track
Dune Track
Dunmore Close
Dunn Crescent
Dunraven Court
Ebony Drive
Echidna Close
Edward Street
Eileen Court
Elana Court
Elemes Court
Ella Place
Elm Grove
Elsan Lea Court
Elsan-Lea Court
Emerald Court
Epacris Court
Erica Court
Eric Court
Eucalypt Court
Evergreen Way
Everton Lane
Faith Court
Favorite Hill Road
Fawn Court
Fernleigh Court
Fern Mews
Fernwood Drive
Fieldwood Lane
Firbank Close
Flame Robin Drive
Francis Crescent
Freeman Place
Gardeners Road
Gemma Court
Gerald Drive
Gianna Way
Glazebury Court
Gleeson Court
Glendale Close
Govan Street
Grain Store Court
Granite Drive
Grassmere Road
Grasswren Close
Greenacres Court
Green Acres Court
Greenhood Place
Grevillea Road
Grey Fantail Court
Guava Court
Gumhill Drive
Gum Hill Drive
Gum Nut Drive
Hafey Court
Hafey Way
Hakea Court
Harlaw Court
Harmsworth Avenue
Hazeldene Court
Hazeldene Place
Heatherwood Grove
Heathland Street
Heath Mews
Hedgely Court
Hedgley Court
Helens Way
Henshaw Street
Hillcrest Drive
Homestead Road
Homewood Road
Honey Myrtle Court
Horne Court
Hornsby Drive
Huntingtower Crescent
Huntly Court
Ian Court
Ibis Close
Ida Court
Illawong Mews
Impressa Close
Indigofera Way
Isa Court
Isla Court
Isla Court
Jackson Drive
James Francis Way
Jamieson Court
Jane Court
Jarman Drive
Jennifer Court
John Street
Josephine Lane
Josephine Street
Julie Court
Karen Close
Kate Court
Kelly Drive
Kelvin Grove
Kerry Street
Kialla Place
King Orchid Drive
Kingston Road
Kirribilli Close
Kite Place
Knott Court
Knott Street
Korina Court
Kuranda Street
Lana Mews
Lana Mews
Landhill Close
Langewan Road
Langley Road
Lang Road
Langwarrin Crescent
Lapwing Court
Larch Street
Laurenten Court
Leeds Place
Leisureland Drive
Lemnian Court
Leonard Drive
Lexton Drive
Lirata Close
Lisa Court
Little Acre Close
Lloyd Street
Lois Court
Long Crescent North
Long Crescent South
Long Lane
Long Street
Lorraine Avenue
Lyndhurst Court
Lynne Court
Lyppards Road
Lytham Court
Malcolm Road
Manuka Mews
Maple Street
Margaret Street
Maria Drive
Marissa Court
Mathew Court
Maxwell Court
McClelland Break
McClelland Drive
McClelland Laneway
McKays Road
McKenzie Way
Melaleuca Crescent
Melanie Court
Meridian Court
Micheala Court
Military Track
Millicent Road
Milne Court
Mintbush Terrace
Moate Street
Monique Drive
Monze Drive
Morecroft Way
Mornington Peninsula Freeway
Mount Hilda Road
Murdoch Place
Myrtle Street
Natalie Court
Natina Court
Newcastle Way
Nirvana Close
Noel Road
Norbert Place
Northa Court
North Road
Norval Place
Norwarran Way
Norwarren Way
Oak Grove
Oakhill Road West
Olearia Crescent
Olive Rose Grove
Owen Dawson Track
Oxley Court
Pamela Place
Panoramic Drive
Paperbark Track
Parkleigh Court
Park Valley Crescent
Park Valley Drive
Paterson Avenue
Paula Court
Paul Place
Pellita Way
Peninsula Crescent
Peninsula Link Freeway
Peninsula Link In-Cranbourne Ramp Off
Peninsula Link Out-Cranbourne Ramp Off
Peninsula Link Out-Skye Ramp Off
Peninsula Link Trail
Pepperbush Crescent
Peppermint Grove
Peter Chance Crescent
Peter Court
Pindara Boulevard
Pine Grove
Pony Club Court
Poplar Grove
Porosa Court
Potts Road
Protea Court
Quail Place
Quarry Road
Raewyn Court
Raneen Drive
Ravell Mews
Raymond Avenue
Red Wattlebird Crescent
Renlik Court
Reservoir Track
Reynard Court
Rhone Grove
Richard Drive
Roberna Court
Robinsons Break
Robinsons Road
Rogan Court
Romina Drive
Rominia Drive
Romsey Place
Roselands Court
Rubida Drive
Sage Court
Saligna Court
Sandra Court
Sasha Court
Satinwood Court
S E C Break
Serene Court
Serenity Drive
Serra Close
Shannon Place
Shute Drive
Skye Road
Snowbush Link
Southampton Drive
Spring Hill Road
St Austell Court
Stevens Road
Stockhaven Circuit
Stringybark Track
Suaad Place
Sugar Glider Place
Sundew Drive
Sunnybank Road
Sunny Vale Drive
Sycamore Street
Tamara Circuit
Tambo Court
Tarwin Court
Tea-Tree Track
Telstra Track
The Close
The Crest
The Glade
The Grove
The Knoll
The Lodge
The Nook
Theresa Avenue
Timarron Court
Timarrow Court
Tisdall Drive
Tomasina Court
Trameland Court
Tranquil Court
Trentham Way
Trimble Drive
Trinity Drive
Turner Road
Tweed Court
Tyrone Street
Union Road
Valentine Road
Valley Road
Veronica Street
Vicki Place
Victory Road
Villosa Close
Vinnys Court
Wade Court
Wagtail Court
Wahgunya Crescent
Wahgunyah Crescent
Wahgunyah Road
Waralong Court
Waratah Court
Warrandyte Break
Warrandyte Road
Warrenwood Place
Warrindale Close
Warrin Rise
Watkins Place
Wattle Bird Way
West Road
Wigan Retreat
Wilco Mews
Willow Road
Wirilda Court
Wood Duck Court
Woodland Mews
Woodlands Track
Woodlea Place
Woodrush Drive
Wootten Crescent
Wootten Laneway
Xavier Boulevard
Xavier Boulevard
Yarralumla Drive
Yvonne Court