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Melbourne (VIC 3000) Suburb Information

Sales History for Melbourne (VIC 3000)

Yearly Sales Information

(Please note that sales history may not be available for every year.)

Other Sales History Information

Median Sales Prices for Melbourne (VIC 3000)

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Streets in Melbourne (VIC 3000)

Abeckett Street
A'Beckett Street
Acdc Lane
Acland Street
Adams Street
Albert Coates Lane
Albert Road
Albert Road Drive
Albert Road Drive South
Albion Alley
Alexandra Avenue
Alfred Lane
Alfred Place
Alsop Lane
Altson Lane
Amphlett Lane
Anderson Street
Angel Lane
Anthony Lane
Anthony Street
Anzac Avenue
Aquarium Drive
Armadale Street
Arnold Street
Artemis Lane
Arthur Street
Athenaeum Place
Athol Street
Austral Lane
Austral Place
Baker Lane
Balcombe Place
Banana Alley
Banana Alley Wharf
Bank Place
Bank Street
Baptist Place
Barry Lane
Baskerville Lane
Batman Avenue
Batman-Citylink Out Ramp On
Beaney Lane
Beatrice Street
Bedford Place
Bedford Street
Bell Place
Belman Place
Benjamin Lane
Bennetts Lane
Benson Walk
Berkeley Street
Birdwood Avenue
Blackwood Street
Blanche Street
Bligh Place
Block Arcade
Block Court
Block Place
Boathouse Drive
Bond Street
Boulton Parade
Bourke Street
Bourke Street Mall
Bouverie Street
Bowen Crescent
Bowen Lane
Bowen Street
Brabham Lane
Brien Lane
Brights Place
Briscoe Lane
Bromby Street
Brown Alley
Brunton Avenue
Bullens Lane
Burnley Tunnel
Burton Street
Caledonian Lane
Campbell Arcade
Capitol Arcade
Cardigan Street
Cardigan Terrace
Carson Place
Casselden Place
Celestial Avenue
Centre Lane
Centre Place
Centreway Arcade
Chapter House Lane
Chester Lane
Chisholm Place
Church Lane
Church Street
Citylink In-Batman Ramp Off
Citylink In-Boulton Ramp Off
Clarendon Street
Cleve Lane
Cliveden Close
Clowes Street
Club Lane
Clyde Way
Coates Lane
Cobden Street
Cocker Alley
Cohen Place
Collins Place
Collins Street
Collins Way
Commerce Way
Commercial Road
Commissioners Lane
Connors Lane
Constance Stone Lane
Coromandel Place
Corrs Lane
Cosgrave Lane
Coventry Street
Coverlid Place
Croft Alley
Crombie Lane
Crossley Street
Crown Place
Custom House Lane
Customs House Lane
Dallas Brooks Drive
Dame Edna Place
Davisons Place
Dean Alley
Degraves Place
Degraves Street
Domain Road
Domain Street
Domain Tunnel
Donaldson Lane
Dorcas Street
Downie Street
Drewery Alley
Drewery Lane
Drewery Place
Driver Lane
Drummond Street
Duckboard Place
Dudley Street
Eagle Alley
Electric Place
Elizabeth Street
Elliott Place
Equitable Place
Evans Lane
Evans Road
Evans Road
Exhibition Street
Exploration Lane
Fairlie Court
Finlay Lane
Flanigan Lane
Fleming Place
Flemington Road
Flinders Court
Flinders Lane
Flinders Street
Flinders Street Station Concourse
Flinders Walk
Flinders Way
Foxton Lane
Francis Street
Franklin Street
Fredrick Way
Fulham Place
Gallaghers Place
Geddes Lane
Gem Place
George Parade
Gills Alley
Globe Alley
Godfrey Street
Golden Fleece Alley
Goldie Place
Goldsbrough Lane
Gordon Place
Gorman Alley
Gough Alley
Gough Street
Government House Drive
Grange Place
Grant Lane
Grant Street
Grattan Street
Gresham Street
Greville Place
Greville Street
Grice Alley
Griffin Lane
Guests Lane
Guildford Lane
Gurners Lane
Hanna Street
Harbison Lane
Harcourt Parade
Hardware Lane
Hardware Street
Harper Lane
Harwood Place
Haymarket Walk
Hayward Lane
Healeys Lane
Heape Court
Heffernan Lane
Henry Street
Henty Lane
Highlander Avenue
Highlander Lane
High Street
Higson Lane
Hope Street
Hosier Lane
Howey Place
Howitt Lane
Hughs Alley
Jane Bell Lane
Jolimont Road
Jolimont Street
Jones Lane
Katherine Place
Kelso Street
King Street
Kings Way
Kirks Lane
Kitz Lane
Knox Lane
Knox Place
Lacey Place
Ladds Lane
Lakeside Drive
Langs Lane
Latrobe Place
La Trobe Street
Lees Place
Leicester Street
Leopold Street
Lingham Lane
Linlithgow Avenue
Literature Lane
Little Bank Street
Little Bourke Place
Little Bourke Street
Little Collins Street
Little Latrobe Street
Little La Trobe Street
Little Leichardt Street
Little Lonsdale Street
Little Queen Street
Little William Street
Liverpool Street
Lonsdale Lane
Lonsdale Street
Lorne Street
Louden Place
Louise Street
Lush Lane
Lygon Street
Lynch Place
Macarthur Street
Mackenzie Street
Madame Brussels Lane
Main Yarra Trail
Malthouse Lane
Manchester Lane
Manton Lane
Market Lane
Market Street
Masons Lane
McCrackens Lane
McGraths Lane
McIlwraith Place
McKillop Street
McLean Alley
Melbourne Place
Mercantile Place
Merlin Alley
Merriman Lane
Merritts Place
Meyers Place
Michael Lane
Midcity Arcade
Middleton Lane
Midtown Plaza
Mill Place
Millswyn Street
Mitre Lane
Monaghan Place
Mornane Place
Moubray Lane
Moubray Street
Moylans Lane
New Chancery Lane
Niagara Lane
Nicholson Place
Nicholson Street
Norval Place
Oconnell Street
O'Connell Street
Oliver Lane
Olympic Boulevard
Orr Street
Palmerston Crescent
Park Street
Paynes Place
Peel Street
Pelham Street
Pender Alley
Pender Place
Penfold Place
Pink Alley
Platypus Alley
Portland Lane
Port Phillip Arcade
Presgrave Place
Princes Walk
Punch Lane
Punt Road
Queensberry Street
Queens Bridge Street
Queens Lane
Queens Road
Queens Road Slip Road
Queen Street
Queens Wharf
Qv Square
Qv Terrace
Qv Undercroft
Qv Upper Terrace
Qv Urban Market
Racing Club Lane
Rainbow Alley
Raleigh Street
Ramsay Lane
Ramsden Place
Rankins Lane
Rathdowne Street
Rebecca Walk
Red Cape Lane
Redgum Gully
Regent Place
Ridgway Place
Rodda Lane
Roeszler Lane
Rose Lane
Rothsay Lane
Rout Street
Royal Arcade
Royal Lane
Royal Parade
Royston Place
Roy Street
Russell Place
Russell Street
Russell Street Extension
Rutledge Lane
Ryrie Lane
Sampson Lane
Samuel Lane
Sandilands Street
Sargood Lane
Scott Alley
Shilling Lane
Siddeley Street
Singers Lane
Slater Street
Smythe Lane
Sniders Lane
Somerset Place
Southbank Boulevard
Southbank Pedestrian Bridge
Southbank Promenade
Southern Cross Lane
Spark Lane
Spencer Street
Sportsgirl Arcade
Sportsgirl Court
Spring Street
Star Alley
Staughton Alley
Staughton Place
Stead Street
Stevenson Lane
Stewart Street
St James Lane
St Johns Lane
Stkilda Road
St Kilda Road
St Leonards Court
St Michaels Walk
St Patricks Alley
Strachan Lane
Stubbs Lane
Sugden Place
Sutherland Street
Swanston Street
Swanston Street Walk
Swanston Street Walk
Swan Street
Tan Track
Target Centre
Tattersalls Lane
Tavistock Place
Temple Court Place
Tennis Centre Access Road
The Causeway
The Hub Arcade
Therry Street
The Strand Arcade
The Walk
Thomson Street
Throssell Lane
Timothy Lane
Toorak Road
Trades Hall Place
Treasury Place
Turnbull Alley
Turnbull Place
Turner Alley
Ulster Lane
Uniacke Court
Union Lane
Union Street
Upper Terrace
Victoria Parade
Victoria Street
Village Centre Arcade
Wadey Street
Waratah Place
Warburton Alley
Warburton Lane
Warner Lane
Watertank Way
Watson Place
Wellington Parade
Wellington Parade South
Wells Street
Westwood Place
Whitehart Lane
White Hart Lane
Wicklow Lane
William Street
Wills Street
Windsor Place
Wreckyn Street
Zevenboom Lane

Other Localities with Postcode 3000