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Mildura (VIC 3500) Suburb Information

Sales History for Mildura (VIC 3500)

Yearly Sales Information

(Please note that sales history may not be available for every year.)
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Other Sales History Information

Median Sales Prices for Mildura (VIC 3500)

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Streets in Mildura (VIC 3500)

Acacia Court
Acacia Drive
Adams Street
Addison Court
Admiral Court
Adrian Court
Aiden Way
Akron Court
Alan Mathews Drive
Albert Street
Aldinga Drive
Alessi Rise
Alfred Close
Alica Court
Alkira Place
Allunga Court
Alm Court
Almond Avenue
Alpha Court
Amber Close
Ambleside Crescent
Amelia Court
Amy Court
Andamifi Court
Andriske Court
Angelo Court
Annunziata Court
Anthony Street
Anwyl Close
Aqua Close
Argyle Street
Arielle Court
Arizona Court
Ascot Court
Ash Avenue
Ashwood Court
Asling Avenue
Avocado Street
Avoca Place
Aylmer Court
Baffy Lane
Baker Court
Bakogiannis Court
Bali Court
Balmoral Place
Banks Court
Banksia Court
Barraclough Way
Barry Avenue
Barwon Court
Bass Court
Batey Crescent
Bathurst Court
Battalion Drive
Batten Place
Baylee Avenue
Beasy Court
Beauford Heights
Beech Avenue
Bejon Court
Belinda Court
Belle Gardens Drive
Benetook Avenue
Bene Vista Boulevard
Bermuda Court
Beverley Road
Bingara Close
Bingarra Place
Birch Court
Birralee Avenue
Bishop Place
Black Place
Blair Court
Boomerang Court
Boronia Court
Bothroyd Court
Bottams Street
Bottlebrush Court
Bowen Crescent
Bowring Place
Bowrings Lane
Boyden Street
Bozzi Court
Braidie Lane
Brampton Way
Brando Court
Brassie Place
Brent Court
Brentwood Avenue
Brian Crescent
Brian Street
Bridge Way
Bristol Way
Brodie Close
Brooklyn Court
Brooks Drive
Brown Street
Bundarra Court
Burke Court
Burnside Way
Burrows Street
Busch Place
Buxton Place
Byrne Court
Cabernet Close
Cabernet Court
Caldwell Court
Caloola Court
Cambridge Terrace
Cameron Avenue
Campbell Grove
Canberra Avenue
Canning Close
Canterbury Drive
Capri Court
Carara Court
Carfora Drive
Carmela Court
Carter Lane
Cavallo Drive
Cedar Avenue
Centennial Drive
Central Park Drive
Chaffey Avenue
Chaffey Lane
Chaffey Track
Champagne Court
Chardonnay Court
Chardonnay Drive
Charles Court
Cherry Avenue
Christian Court
Christie Parade
Christina Court
Cirillo Drive
Clare Avenue
Clark Court
Cleary Avenue
Cleek Way
Coleman Avenue
Colonel Court
Colonial Drive
Colorado Drive
Commonwealth Court
Condor Drive
Conroys Track
Coonawarra Close
Corbould Court
Cornell Lane
Coronation Court
Cosgrove Court
Cottonwood Court
Cowper Street
Cowra Avenue
Crockett Court
Crosbie Court
Cross Court
Crown Court
Cultivator Lane
Cureton Avenue
Cureton Avenue East
Curran Close
Currawong Court
Cursaro Drive
Cynthia Close
Cypress Avenue
Damien Court
Dampier Crescent
Darlington Parade
Davlin Drive
Dawn Avenue
Daytona Court
Deakin Avenue
Deakin Avenue Extension
Deakin Parade
Dean Court
De Garis Drive
Delta Court
Denbeigh Court
Dennis Avenue
Desert Lily Court
Desroy Avenue
Diablo Way
Diamond Court
Discovery Court
Dockside Drive
Dolfin Drive
Domenico Drive
Dominic Court
Donmaria Court
Douglas Avenue
Dove Place
Dow Avenue
Downie Drive
Dr Abramowski Court
Dundas Court
Duneden Close
Dune Drive
Dunlop Court
Dunning Drive
Durham Avenue
Dyar Avenue
Dylan Court
Eaglesham Street
Eastside Drive
Eastwood Drive
Edmund Barton Court
Edward Court
Eighth Street
Eileen Street
Eleventh Street
Elijah Court
Elizabeth Avenue
Elizabeth Court
Ellen Court
Ellswood Crescent
Emerald Drive
Emily Court
Endeavour Court
Essex Court
Etherington Drive
Etiwanda Avenue
Eulinga Drive
Euneva Drive
Evans Way
Eve Court
Evergreen Court
Excelsior Drive
Explorer Drive
Eyre Court
Fairways Drive
Fawkner Court
Federation Drive
Felix Court
Fifteenth Street
Finch Court
Flamingo Drive
Fleetwood Court
Flora Avenue
Floral Avenue
Floral Avenue East
Floral Avenue West
Flynn Drive
Ford Close
Fourteenth Street
Frangipani Court
Freshwater Court
Fush Place
Gallagher Lane
Gambetta Court
Garden Court
Gardenia Street
Gem Place
Georgia Court
Gibbs Street
Giddings Place
Gina Close
Gliderfield Track
Golden Ash Drive
Golden Grove
Gordon Avenue
Grandview Way
Greenvale Parade
Grenache Grove
Grossman Court
Gugger Lane
Hancock Lane
Hanswood Way
Harbourside Way
Harmony Drive
Harrison Lane
Hartley Court
Harvard Court
Harvest Court
Harvey Court
Havilah Crescent
Hawkes Lane
Hawthorn Grove
Hazel Avenue
Hazeldene Street
Healthscope Court
Heather Close
Hector Street
Heidi Court
Helen Court
Heley Court
Henderson Place
Herbert Court
Heron Avenue
Herston Drive
Hibiscus Drive
Hillcrest Close
Hodges Way
Hollywood Boulevard
Holyoake Way
Homebush Court
Homestead Court
Honeysuckle Close
Hood Court
Hornsey Park
Hoyts Drive
Hugh King Drive
Hugo Court
Hume Walk
Humphrey Lane
Hunter Street
Hutchinson Street
Hyder Drive
Hydro Court
Hynes Court
Ibis Place
Iredale Court
Isabelle Court
Isaiah Way
Jacks Court
Jacob Court
James Cook Drive
James Court
Jamieson Court
Jandra Court
Jane Eliza Court
Jasmine Close
Jaylee Terrace
Jenkins Place
Jenner Court
Jennys Way
Jewel Court
Joakim Court
Jobson Court
Jodie Court
Joe Court
John Monash Boulevard
Johns Street
Jordan Avenue
Josie Court
Jubilee Drive
Jude Avenue
Kaitlyn Court
Kalimna Drive
Kamira Court
Kane Drive
Karalanza Drive
Karinya Drive
Keam Crescent
Keam Street
Kelly Court
Kelvin Avenue
Kepeto Court
Kiata Drive
Kilburn Court
Killara Court
King Avenue
Kingfisher Court
Kingston Avenue
Kittyhawk Court
Kookaburra Court
Kovac Court
Kunjara Court
Kurrajong Parade
Kyamber Court
Kyte Close
Lachlan Court
Laguna Court
Laila Court
Lainie Court
Lake Crescent
Lake Street
Lakeview Court
Lancaster Court
Langdon Court
Langtree Avenue
Langtree Mall
Langtree Parade
Lapthorne Court
Lavender Court
Lawsons Ridge
Le Amon Avenue
Leask Avenue
Leicester Street
Leichhardt Drive
Lemon Avenue
Lemon Place
Leonard Street
Le Pedeleure Avenue
Lever Court
Liberty Court
Lilley Drive
Lilley Lane
Lime Avenue
Linden Close
Linton Court
Lintons Lane
Lisa Court
Liv Close
Lizlee Drive
Lockside Avenue
Logan Avenue
Louisiana Court
Lubbo Street
Luke Court
Luke Road
Mabel Avenue
MacLean Lane
Macquarie Court
Madden Avenue
Madison Close
Magnolia Avenue
Mahogany Drive
Main Drive
Majestic Court
Malbec Court
Malbec Maze
Maloney Drive
Manhattan Court
Mansell Drive
Marina Walk
Marion Court
Marley Court
Marsden Drive
Mary Avenue
Marziano Drive
Massey Close
Matotek Court
Matthew Flinders Drive
Mayan Court
Mayfield Rise
McEdward Court
McKay Place
McKendrick Avenue
McLaren Court
Meadow Grove
Melrose Drive
Merinda Court
Merle Court
Merlot Court
Merlot Mews
Michael Court
Middle Track
Midgley Lane
Miers Lane
Miles Court
Milia Court
Miller Avenue
Mimosa Avenue
Mirage Drive
Mitchell Court
Mitford Street
Montana Drive
Montrose Court
Murray Avenue
Muscat Court
Myall Place
Myora Crescent
Nabila Court
Nancy Court
Nash Court
Nash Lane
Nevada Court
Neville Court
Newman Close
Nicholas Avenue
Nineteenth Street
Ninth Street
Noble Court
Nonda Close
Noumea Court
Noyce Court
Oak Avenue
Oasis Boulevard
Olive Avenue
Olive Grove
Olivewood Drive
Olivia Drive
Olympic Way
Ontario Avenue
Ontario Park Drive
Opal Court
Opray Court
Oram Court
Orange Avenue
Orlando Court
Oswald Court
Oxley Court
Pacino Court
Palm Springs Drive
Palm Terrace
Panorama Drive
Paperbark Court
Park Road
Park Way
Parliament Court
Pasadena Grove
Patricia Drive
Patterson Avenue
Paul Place
Peach Avenue
Pearl Avenue
Pearse Court
Pegler Avenue
Pelican Close
Perry Street
Peter Court
Peter-John Court
Petit Verdot Parade
Petrucci Way
Pevensey Grove
Philippa Crescent
Pietro Court
Pine Avenue
Plane Tree Drive
Plantation Street
Plant Court
Pollifrone Court
Pollys Way
Ponderosa Way
Poplar Parade
Popular Alm Court
Primrose Drive
Princes Street
Pyap Court
Quail Court
Racecourse Road
Rake Place
Rambling Way
Ranfurly Way
Ranger Court
Ransom Court
Raymond Court
Redford Court
Regal Court
Regency Parade
Regina Avenue
Reisling Court
Renee Court
Renniks Street
Renshinkan Court
Resolution Close
Reuben Lock Court
Reynolds Court
Rhymney Court
Ribarits Court
Richardson Grove
Ridge Court
Riesling Rise
Rio Court
Risbey Court
Risbey Lane
Rita Drive
Rivanna Court
River Parade
Riverside Avenue
River Track
Riverview Way
Rodeo Drive
Rodger Street
Rodi Court
Rodney Court
Rosemont Avenue
Rose Street
Rothbury Grove
Rowse Court
Royal Court
Ruby Avenue
Rural Drive
Rusticana Court
Rydal Avenue
Sahara Court
Sandhill Court
Sandown Drive
Sandpiper Drive
San Mateo Avenue
Sapphire Court
Sarah Court
Sargent Avenue
Sarnia Avenue
Sauer Court
Scherger Drive
Scott Crescent
Seagull Close
Sebastian Court
Semillon Court
Semmens Crescent
Settlers Drive
Seventeenth Street
Seventh Street
Seventh Street East
Shakira Court
Sharland Street
Sheoak Avenue
Sheridan Court
Sherring Way
Shillidays Lane
Shiraz Court
Sirius Court
Sixteenth Street
Sixth Street
Sky Court
Sloane Court
Smith Close
Sobee Place
Soho Court
Sotiri Court
Sovereign Court
Spitfire Court
Springfield Drive
Stanford Rise
Star Court
Steedman Lane
Stephanie Street
Sterling Drive
Steven Street
St Neots Court
Stockdale Court
Streisand Court
Stuart Avenue
Sturt Court
Sturt Highway
Suffolk Drive
Summerhill Drive
Sunnyside Avenue
Sunrise Drive
Sunset Court
Sunview Crescent
Swan Place
Symonds Court
Tait Avenue
Tamarisk Grove
Taminga Court
Tanduanat Court
Tarella Court
Tarrango Court
Tarrango Drive
Tasman Court
Tatra Avenue
Taylor Drive
Teal Drive
Tenth Street
Teresa Court
Terry Court
Thames Place
The Boulevard
The Centre Way
The Centre Way
The Crescent
The Grange
The Vines Boulevard
Thirteenth Street
Thomson Grove
Timansi Court
Todd Court
Toorak Avenue
Topaz Court
Torquati Road
Torrens Close
Touriga Court
Tower Gardens
Trafalgar Drive
Trevatt Court
Truscott Crescent
Tschirpig Lane
Tulane Drive
Twelfth Street
Twentieth Street
Twenty First Street
Ularara Drive
Ulmarra Place
Upland Drive
Valencia Avenue
Valentino Court
Verdelho View
Victor Avenue
Victoria Court
Vidovic Avenue
View Court
Villiva Drive
Vincent Court
Vincor Place
Vineleaf Street
Vine Street
Waddy Drive
Wade Avenue
Wagstaff Lane
Walnut Avenue
Walnut Court
Waltham Avenue
Wanera Way
Ward Lane
Washington Drive
Waterside Way
Wattle Avenue
Wattle Parade
Weir Crescent
Westside Boulevard
Westwind Court
White Cliff Avenue
Wightman Lane
Wilga Avenue
Willandra Court
Williams Avenue
Willow Grove
Wills Court
Wilson Court
Windsor Street
Wingillie Street
Winton Drive
Wirraway Drive
Wisteria Way
Wittman Avenue
Woodham Avenue
Woodley Drive
Woodstock Drive
Woorak Court
Woorlong Court
Wren Close
Wright Court
Wyndham Court
Yanina Close
Zhoe Court

Other Localities with Postcode 3500