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Morayfield (QLD 4506) Suburb Information

Sales History for Morayfield (QLD 4506)

Yearly Sales Information

(Please note that sales history may not be available for every year.)

Other Sales History Information

Median Sales Prices for Morayfield (QLD 4506)

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Streets in Morayfield (QLD 4506)

Abraham Close
Acemia Drive
Addison Court
Adelaide Drive
Adele Close
Adelong Court
Aireal Crescent
Albury Road
Alexander Crescent
Alexandria Street
Alexandrina Street
Allambie Street
Allyra Drive
Alpine Court
Amaroo Street
Amy Street
Anderson Road
Angelina Court
Ashbrook Drive
Astro Lane
Avondale Street
Awoonga Crescent
Bandicoot Street
Bangalow Street
Barron Street
Bauhinia Court
Beacon Street
Beatrice Street
Beaujolais Court
Beech Drive
Benjamin Court
Benson Street
Ben Street
Bilby Drive
Bitou Close
Blackwood Street
Blamey Court
Blanch Court
Blaylock Court
Blewers Road
Bloomfield Street
Blue Care Regional Office Access
Bluegrass Place
Bluejay Circuit
Boblor Street
Bonney Close
Bourbon Court
Braheem Street
Brandy Court
Bridges Road
Brigalow Court
Bristlebird Drive
Broadwater Road
Bronlow Court
Brownia Court
Bruce Highway
Bruce Highway Bridge
Bruce Highway On Ramp
Brundrit Court
Bryven Court
Buchanan Road
Buchanan Road Bridge
Buchanan Road Off Ramp
Bunnings Access
Buntine Avenue
Burbury Road
Burgundi Drive
Burgundy Drive
Burness Court
Burnham Road
Bushland Drive
Bushland Place
Cabernet Court
Caboolture River Road
Caboolture Water Head Office Access
Captain Whish Avenue
Carlisle Street
Carmela Crescent
Carmella Crescent
Carol Street
Cascade Street
Cashmere Place
Cataldo Court
Cawley Place
Chablis Court
Champagne Court
Chardonnay Court
Cheryl Drive
Christopher Place
Citronella Street
Clare Street
Clark Road
Clowes Court
Coach Road
Coach Road West
Colleen Crescent
Conifer Road
Coogera Court
Coolbart Court
Cooper Place
Cootharaba Court
Coralfern Court
Cotswold Street
Cox Drive
Creekwood Place
Cresta Court
Crestbrook Drive
Cresthaven Drive
Crestleigh Court
Crestleigh Street
Crestridge Crescent
Crestwell Close
Crestwood Avenue
Crestwood Drive
Crichton Court
Crocodile Avenue
Cronin Street
Crowe Road
Currawilla Street
Curtin Crescent
Cutler Court
Cyan Court
Damber Close
Danica Court
Denham Street
Denson Street
Deveraux Drive Exit
Devereaux Drive
Devine Court
Dicarlo Drive
Dickson Road
Dillon Road
Dobell Drive
Donegal Court
Donegal Street
Donovan Court
Dora Street
Dragon Avenue
Drew Court
Drysdale Drive
Dundee Avenue
Dundee Drive
Dunvegan Drive
Edgar Street
Edi Court
Eeles Drive
Einasleigh Street
Elm Court
Emerson Drive
Everglades Drive
Evert Court
Excelsior Drive
Facer Road
Farrer Court
Feather Court
Felicity Street
Fennell Court
Fernbrook Drive
Fernwood Road
Ficus Court
Firetail Court
Flannigan Street
Forbes Court
Forest Hills Drive
Forestlea Place
Fortune Esplanade
Franklin Crescent
Fraser Place
Frepelle Street
Gabriel Street
Gaffield Street
Gardenvale Road
Garfield Street
Geritz Circuit
Gleneagles Road
Gleneagles Street
Glenmay Court
Glenn Street
Glenwood Drive
Goolagong Court
Gordonia Court
Gould Crescent
Gracemere Street
Grady Court
Graham Road
Grant Road
Grassdale Crescent
Greenbury Court
Griffin Court
Grigg Drive
Grogan Road
Groth Court
Grothe Street
Hanover Court
Hargrave Street
Harpulia Court
Harry Court
Hauton Road
Haywood Road
Helpmann Court
Herbert Crescent
Heritage Street
Hermitage Place
Highside Court
Highview Parade
Hilary Street
Hilldale Crescent
Hillgate Court
Hillgrove Court
Hillmont Crescent
Hillside Court
Hilltop Court
Hinchinbrook Circuit
Hinkler Court
Hinkler Court
Hinkler Street
Hipwood Street
Hoad Street
Homestead Road
Hoop Court
Hughes Court
Hunt Road
Inverness Court
Jacko Place
Jack Street
Jackwood Court
Jameson Close
Jarad Street
Jarrah Court
Jason Court
Jayleigh Court
J Dobson Road
Jean Road
Jillian Court
Jonathon Street
Jonkers Court
Judith Street
Kalungi Court
Kamala Crescent
Kamala Street
Katia Street
Kearon Way
Keeley Street
Kendall Close
Keneally Court
Kennerton Court
Kenneth Street
Kenny Street
Kentia Court
Kestrel Court
Kidman Court
Kirkcaldy Drive
Kirkcaldy Street
Koala Drive
Komraus Court
Kristy Court
Kwila Court
Lacebark Street
Lakeview Road
Lanita Chase
Laver Street
Leatherwood Street
Leda Boulevard
Leggett Street
Lemon Myrtle Drive
Levi Avenue
Liberty Court
Lina Street
Linden Court
Lindsay Road
Little Court
Livistona Court
Local Access
Loel Court
Lomandra Drive
Long Court
Lorebury Drive
Lucke Court
Lunar Court
Lyndal Court
Macadamia Street
Macaranga Court
Macaranga Street
MacLeod Drive
Madeline Drive
Mandlikova Street
Manning Court
Maple Drive
Maria Court
Marilyn Place
Market Drive
Mark Street
Martini Court
Masters Court
Maurice Avenue
Mavis Road
Mawson Drive
McLoughlin Road
McLoughlin Road Connection
McLoughlins Road
McNamara Crescent
McNaughton Street
Meadowview Drive
Medical Centre Access
Melana Court
Mellino Drive
Menzies Court
Merlot Court
Mia Court
Michael Avenue
Millie Street
Minimbah Drive
Minimbah State School Access
Miranda Street
Monkira Street
Morayfield East State School Access
Morayfield Park Leisure Centre Access
Morayfield Road
Morayfield Road Bridge
Morayfield Road Exit
Morayfield State School Access
Morayfield Station Road
Moselle Court
Mountain Vista Court
Mulka Court
Murraya Drive
Muscat Circuit
Nadia Place
Nairn Road
Nandina Court
Naomi Court
Neale Road
Neitz Street
Nelson Court
Newmarket Drive
Newton Street
Nicole Street
Nina Court
Nolan Drive
Northerly Avenue
Oakey Flat Road
Oakley Flat Road
Oasis Court
Ord Close
Orlando Court
Paige Court
Parer Crescent
Parkview Street
Peachfield Drive
Penda Street
Pernod Place
Petersen Road
Pinegrove Street
Pinenut Court
Pinot Court
Planned Road
Pocketstone Court
Poinciana Street
Poplar Court
Portland Street
Prairie Court
Private Road
Proposed Road
Provis Court
Pulsford Court
Quoll Drive
Radiata Court
Rafter Circuit
Rafter Court
Rangeview Road
Raphael Court
Redcedar Place
Redwood Street
Riberry Court
Ridgegarden Drive
Riesling Court
Riflebird Drive
Rigden Close
Riverbend Crescent
Riverpilly Court
Riviera Court
Robbs Road
Robinia Court
Ronald Court
Rosewall Parade
Rosewall Place
Rossetta Road
Rowley Road
Rupert Crescent
Salvatore Court
Salwood Street
Sam Court
Sanno Road
Sapelli Street
Sapphire Court
Sassafrass Street
Sassafras Street
Sauvignon Drive
Schulz Road
Sedgman Street
Semilion Court
Semillion Court
Serenity Way
Sewage Treatment Access
Shanti Lane
Sharon Court
Shelburne Street
Sheoak Street
Sherwood Street
Shields Court
Shiraz Chase
Shiraz Court
Shriver Court
Sienna Drive
Silk Street
Silkwood Road
Silkyoak Drive
Skye Street
Skyview Court
Sophie Street
Soward Court
Spotted Gum Track
Springwater Crescent
Springwaters Crescent
Star Place
Station Road
Stephanie Drive
Sterling Road
Stockridge Place
Streeton Court
Sturt Street
Sugarglider Close
Summerhill Drive
Sunbeam Court
Sunrise Court
Supacentre Shopping Centre Access
Sutherland Crescent
Tait Court
Teak Court
Telford Place
Telopea Place
Thea Court
Thistledome Street
Thornbill Drive
Tia Close
Timbertrail Place
Toni Court
Trafalgar Drive
Trail Road
Treedale Street
Trevelian Street
Trilby Street
Trinity Way
Turnbull Crescent
Turnbull Drive
Unwin Court
Verdelho Drive
Visentin Road
Visentin Road South
Walkers Road
Wallaby Place
Waratah Way
Ward Drive
Waroona Street
Wayland Circuit
Weier Road
Weyba Street
Willandra Road
William Berry Drive
William Place
William Road
Williamson Road
Williamson Road Connection
Wilton Court
Wimbledon Drive
Windorah Circuit
Wingara Drive
Wollemi Court
Wombat Place
Wonga Court
Woodbridge Court
Woodforde Circuit
Woodforde Court
Woodrose Road
Woodsmoke Court
Woodstock Street
Woodsy Court
Yew Street

Other Localities with Postcode 4506