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Morphett Vale (SA 5162) Suburb Information

Sales History for Morphett Vale (SA 5162)

Yearly Sales Information

(Please note that sales history may not be available for every year.)
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Streets in Morphett Vale (SA 5162)

Abbott Avenue
Abebe Court
Acacia Road
Acorn Court
Acre Avenue
Adam Road
Albert Terrace
Alexander Avenue
Alice Crescent
Alkirna Court
Allinga Road
Almond Grove
Amanda Way
Amos Court
Amy Court
Ann Road
Applecross Avenue
Archer Court
Archer Road
Ardross Crescent
Argyle Avenue
Askill Court
Atkins Crescent
Attridge Road
Auburn Court
Avon Avenue
Avryl Court
Ayleen Avenue
Ayre Street
Baanga Road
Bains Road
Balmoral Court
Baltimore Avenue
Banes Street
Barbara Avenue
Barnview Court
Baulkham Street
Bayford Rise
Beach Rd Ramp From Adelaide
Beach Rd Ramp From Old Noarlunga
Beach Rd Ramp To Adelaide
Beach Rd Ramp To Old Noarlunga
Beach Road
Beaumont Place
Bega Street
Begonia Street
Bella Court
Benatar Court
Benen Street
Benjamin Court
Berenwode Circuit
Berenwode Court
Berrin Road
Bertrand Street
Beverley Street
Bikila Court
Bimbadene Road
Birksdale Court
Birubi Way
Blaby Road
Blackwood Crescent
Bluegum Road
Blundell Street
Bone Street
Booth Avenue
Boulder Court
Bower Court
Bradley Court
Bradman Court
Bradshaw Road
Braemar Avenue
Brecon Street
Brenda Avenue
Brenton Street
Brian Terrace
Brigalow Road
Brodie Road
Bronze Street
Bruce Street
Bryan Street
Burgess Court
Burgundy Grove
Burns Court
Buttercup Grove
Camelia Court
Candy Street
Capilano Court
Carmela Avenue
Carol Crescent
Carolyn Avenue
Carpenter Close
Cashel Place
Cassandra Place
Catherine Crescent
Causby Avenue
Cave Court
Chappel Avenue
Charlotte Drive
Cherrybrook Drive
Chetnell Court
Christine Street
Church Street
Chynoweth Avenue
Cimaron Close
Claire Avenue
Claremont Street
Claret Street
Clement Drive
Clive Street
Cocks Avenue
Cole Court
Collins Parade
Colorado Court
Columba Street
Commodore Court
Concord Drive
Conington Crescent
Cooder Crescent
Coorumbena Crescent
Cranborne Crescent
Creighton Avenue
Crisp Street
Crittenden Road
Cunningham Lane
Cunningham Street
Cypress Drive
Dalkeith Avenue
Dalkieth Avenue
Daphne Court
David Crescent
David Terrace
Dawn Street
Debham Street
Derek Crescent
Diamond Street
Diana Crescent
Dickson Road
Diosma Drive
Doctors Road
Dominic Crescent
Donald Court
Durant Avenue
Duval Drive
Easton Road
Edinburgh Crescent
Edith Street
Edwina Drive
Elanora Avenue
Elijah Street
Elizabeth Road
Ellis Avenue
Elsie Street
Elura Court
Emberton Place
Emerald Road
Emmerson Drive
Emu Street
Epstein Drive
Erebus Circuit
Eva Street
Fabian Crescent
Farnsworth Drive
Favell Court
Felix Crescent
Fernbank Court
Fernbank Grove
Fino Street
Flavian Crescent
Flaxmill Road
Flight Street
Frances Street
Freeman Avenue
Furner Street
Gale Court
Galton Court
Gamay Drive
Gardenia Crescent
Garema Court
Garema Drive
George Street
Germaine Street
Gertrude Street
Gilbertson Avenue
Glenda Avenue
Glenhelen Road
Gloria Street
Godfrey Court
Golf Course Drive
Golflands View
Grace Court
Grange Walk
Grazing Avenue
Gum Court
Gunn Close
Hammond Avenue
Harding Court
Haskard Road
Hayford Crescent
Haymaker Court
Hazelwood Court
Henry Court
Hermitage Avenue
Hibiscus Court
High Street
Highwray Drive
Hillier Road
Hinkley Road
Hodge Court
Hogg Avenue
Holroyd Court
Hookes Court
Hookes Crescent
Horsley Court
Hugh Crescent
Ian Street
Ilex Court
Inverness Avenue
Ipari Terrace
Isabella Road
Jackson Close
Jackson Court
Jade Court
James Lane
James Street
Janet Crescent
Japonica Court
Jasper Place
Jenner Street
Jennifer Drive
Jenny Crescent
Joel Street
John Street
Jordan Drive
Joy Street
Judith Crescent
Julie Street
Kakadu Drive
Kalimna Walk
Kansy Court
Kantalpa Grove
Karawi Parade
Karen Court
Karingal Way
Karuna Court
Karyn Court
Karyn Crescent
Kathleen Street
Kathryn Drive
Kellner Street
Kellys Road
Kenneth Road
Ken Road
Kentwood Road
Kerrin Avenue
Kingsbridge Drive
Kiwani Court
Kogarah Avenue
Kooyonga Way
Kuranya Way
Kyeema Avenue
Lambert Street
Larrimah Road
Lascelles Street
Lawrence Street
Leabrook Place
Leech Avenue
Leonard Crescent
Leonard Road
Leslie Court
Lewis Court
Lillimur Avenue
Lillimur Road
Lincoln Court
Lindsay Court
Lindsay Drive
Loman Street
Lomond Crescent
Lorraine Court
Louisa Street
Louise Crescent
Lutana Court
Lyle Street
Lynly Court
Madeira Drive
Madeleine Close
Madeline Close
Main South Road
Majorca Road
Mallen Street
Mallett Avenue
Malone Crescent
Malone Street
Mankina Grove
Manooka Avenue
Manooka Road
Manor Court
Marana Avenue
Margaret Street
Mariah Court
Marie Avenue
Marita Street
Mark Court
Marrington Circuit
Marshall Street
Marston Drive
Martin Road
Matison Road
Maxine Court
McCarthy Avenue
McCartney Street
McMahon Road
Merinda Court
Merino Avenue
Mierisch Court
Misan Drive
Modler Road
Monarch Street
Monterey Avenue
Montreal Street
Morphett Court
Morris Street
Muirfield Place
Nash Crescent
Nash Lane
Nathan Court
Nerida Lane
Nicolle Court
Nicolle Drive
Noami Avenue
Nungara Court
Oakhill Crescent
Olaf Court
Olaf Street
Olea Court
Olga Court
Olivier Court
Olivier Crescent
Opal Road
Orana Drive
Ormiston Road
Osullivan Beach Road
O'Sullivan Beach Road
Oswin Court
Ovens Avenue
Owen Place
Padget Place
Palomino Place
Panalatinga Road
Pancras Court
Paradine Way
Parramatta Drive
Parsons Avenue
Pat Crescent
Patrick Jonker Veloway
Pedro Avenue
Pembry Crescent
Peony Court
Perkins Road
Peter Crescent
Phillip Avenue
Pimpala Road
Pinchbeck Street
Pinehurst Avenue
Pinehurst Grove
Playford Drive
Powell Court
Powell Place
Powers Avenue
Prince Charles Street
Protea Street
Quentin Street
Rachel Court
Radnor Street
Ragan Road
Rajah Close
Rajah Street
Ralph Road
Randell Road
Raphael Crescent
Ravenswood Court
Ray Avenue
Redlac Road
Regent Street
Reserve Parade
Reynold Street
Rialto Street
Richards Drive
Richardson Crescent
Ridge Court
Riesling Street
Ringwood Road
Riordan Street
Riverside Court
Robertson Avenue
Roberts Road
Rochester Street
Roger Road
Rosemary Street
Rosemary Terrace
Rothwell Street
Roy Road
Ruth Street
Ry Court
Salisbury Avenue
Sanctuary Court
Saphire Road
Seaview Court
Seaview Road
Sedunary Road
Seeger Drive
Selina Street
Sharon Street
Sherfield Road
Sheringa Drive
Sherriffs Rd Ramp From Adelaide
Sherriffs Rd Ramp From Old Noarlunga
Sherriffs Rd Ramp To Old Noarlunga
Sherriffs Road
Shirburn Avenue
Shopping Centre Access
Short Street
Simeon Crescent
Simone Crescent
Simpson Court
Solace Drive
Solomon Court
Sophia Court
Southern Expressway
Sovereign Drive
Spencer Drive
Sports Park Road
St Andrews Way
Stanley Court
Stanley Street
States Road
St Georges Court
Stirling Drive
Stokes Court
Stokes Road
Suffolk Drive
Sunrise Drive
Surrey Parade
Sussex Crescent
Suzanne Avenue
Tanderra Court
Taylors Avenue
Taynton Terrace
Teusner Drive
Teusner Road
Thaxted Court
The Glenn
The Green
Thornleigh Court
Timothy Road
Tina Way
Tokay Crescent
Townsend Drive
Tracy Way
Tretter Street
Trinity Road
Tundulla Place
Turnberry Lane
Valentine Street
Vanstone Avenue
Venning Street
Verbena Court
Victor Terrace
Vincent Crescent
Vine Street
Virginia Drive
Wahratta Avenue
Waitara Court
Waitz Court
Wakefield Avenue
Wangara Avenue
Wark Court
Warwick Grove
Wattle Street
Waverley Way
Weaver Avenue
Westmoreland Drive
Westmoreland Road
Wheatsheaf Road
Wilfred Street
William Street
Wilson Avenue
Windsong Court
Windsor Court
Woodcock Place
Woodcroft Drive
Woodcroft Off Drive
Wooldridge Street
Workara Terrace
Wright Close
Yates Crescent
Yeldham Drive

Other Localities with Postcode 5162