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Mount Waverley (VIC 3149) Suburb Information

Sales History for Mount Waverley (VIC 3149)

Yearly Sales Information

(Please note that sales history may not be available for every year.)
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Other Sales History Information

Median Sales Prices for Mount Waverley (VIC 3149)

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Streets in Mount Waverley (VIC 3149)

Acacia Place
Acton Street
Adelaide Avenue
Adrienne Crescent
Albert Street
Aldrin Drive
Alexander Street
Alice Street
Alison Street
Alister Street
Allister Street
Alluvium Way
Alvie Road
Amber Grove
Amesbury Court
Amstel Court
Andrew Street
Ann Court
Annesley Court
Anthony Drive
Antoinette Court
Apsley Street
Armstrong Street
Arnold Street
Arthurson Street
Arthur Street
Ashbury Court
Aster Court
Athol Street
Avondale Grove
Avonhurst Drive
Baily Street
Bales Street
Bambra Court
Banfield Square
Baringa Street
Barlyn Road
Barton Street
Bass Court
Baxter Court
Beal Street
Beaufort Street
Belfrayden Court
Bellerive Avenue
Bengal Crescent
Ben Hogan Court
Bennett Avenue
Benwerrin Drive
Bernard Street
Betty Court
Beverley Grove
Bicton Street
Billing Street
Birch Street
Birdie Street
Birralee Street
Biscayne Drive
Bishop Court
Bizley Street
Blackburn-Monash In Ramp On
Blackburn Road
Blue Hills Avenue
Bond Street
Bowen Crescent
Bowman Street
Bradstreet Road
Brand Street
Brenda Avenue
Briggs Street
Brimar Court
Brine Street
Brockhoff Drive
Brolga Street
Bruce Street
Burton Street
Byrd Court
Cambridge Drive
Cameron Street
Carinya Court
Carmel Avenue
Carmichael Road
Carolina Street
Carrol Grove
Carver Street
Cash Grove
Castlereagh Court
Catherine Avenue
Centreway Centreway
Centreway Road
Chantilly Street
Charles Street
Charlton Street
Cherry Street
Cheviot Road
Churcher Court
Churchill Avenue
Cinnabar Avenue
Clarke Place
Clayton Road
Clive Street
Clovelly Court
Colebrook Avenue
Coleman Parade
Como Court
Condah Court
Cooinda Court
Coolarn Street
Cora Court
Cornell Street
Coronation Street
Corowa Court
Cox Lane
Cranleigh Grove
Cratloe Road
Cremin Court
Crofton Court
Crown Close
Crow Street
Cudgee Court
Curtis Avenue
Cypress Avenue
Dai Court
Dallas Street
Damon Road
Darbyshire Road
Dargo Court
Dart Court
David Court
Davison Street
Dean Avenue
Debbie Street
Deborah Court
Dell Court
Delmore Crescent
Dennyse Court
Derham Street
Devon Court
Dickson Street
Donald Street
Doon Avenue
Doorawarrah Court
Dorgan Street
Dorrington Drive
Doynton Parade
Dublin Street
Dunsmuir Drive
Eagle Court
Edna Street
Eildon Road
Eileen Street
Electra Avenue
Elm Grove
Emerald Street
Emma Court
Emma Court Court
England Road
Erica Street
Esperance Road
Essex Road
Estelle Street
Esther Court
Eton Street
Eula Court
Expo Court
Fairview Road
Fairway Avenue
Falconer Street
Farquharson Street
Feathertop Chase
Federal Street
Ferntree Gully Road
Ferntree Place
Fiander Avenue
Finch Street
Fir Court
Flame Street
Flavia Court
Fleet Street
Fletcher Court
Florence Street
Florida Street
Folkestone Road
Forster-Monash In Ramp On
Forster-Monash Out Ramp On
Forster Road
Fort Street
Francis Street
French Street
Gallery Place
Ganton Court
Gardiner Road
Gareth Drive
Gary Street
Genoa Court
Gilbert Court
Gilby Road
Gillard Street
Gillian Road
Glasson Square
Glenarm Place
Glendowan Road
Glenmore Grove
Glenora Street
Gloucester Street
Gnarwin Street
Golf Avenue
Gordon Road
Gould Court
Gowan Road
Gracehill Avenue
Grandview Road
Greenham Crescent
Grenfell Road
Gretna Street
Griffiths Court
Gross Court
Gunther Court
Gwynne Street
Hakea Court
Halliday Street
Hamilton Place
Hamilton Walk
Hampshire Road
Hansen Street
Hardner Road
Harry Court
Hayfield Road
Headingley Road
Heany Street
Heleus Court
Hend Street
Herbert Street
Highbury Road
Highclere Avenue
Highland Avenue
High Street Road
Hilda Court
Hillcrest Avenue
Hillside Road
Hillview Avenue
Hilsea Court
Hilton Street
Hocking Court
Holskamp Street
Hovea Court
Howard Avenue
Howell Drive
Howleys Road
Huntingdale-Monash Out Ramp On
Huntingdale Road
Huntingtower Crescent
Hustler Court
Huxtable Street
Ian Grove
Illuka Crescent
Imperial Avenue
Inverell Avenue
Iona Court
Irving Street
Islay Court
Ivy Court
Jack Street
Jacqueline Road
Janfourd Court
Jeffrey Street
Jennifer Court
Joanna Court
Jones Court
Josephine Avenue
Joy Street
Jubilee Street
Judith Court
Kallay Street
Kalmia Avenue
Karen Court
Katandra Court
Kathleen Avenue
Kay Street
Kellaway Street
Kemp Avenue
Kendall Street
Kevin Street
Keylana Boulevard
Kiers Avenue
Kimberley Court
Kingsley Grove
Kingston Street
Kingswood Avenue
Kippax Court
Kunzea Court
Lang Mews
Lang Road
Larch Crescent
Laura Grove
Lawrence Road
Lechte Road
Lee Avenue
Leeds Road
Legana Street
Leicester Avenue
Leigh Street
Leila Street
Lemana Crescent
Lemon Grove
Lemont Avenue
Leonard Street
Leonie Avenue
Lesay Court
Lewis Grove
Lewis Street
Lewton Road
Leyland Road
Liddell Court
Lilac Court
Lionel Road
Long Beach Crescent
Lucerne Street
Lynden Grove
Lynn Street
Lyons Street
MacRina Street
Madison Court
Magenta Court
Magna Court
Malcolm Court
Malvina Street
Maple Street
Marcella Court
Marcus Avenue
Marianne Way
Marie Court
Maroondah Road
Marsham Road
Mason Court
Matthew Street
Maureen Street
Mawarra Crescent
Maxine Court
Mayfield Drive
McLaren Street
McLeod Place
McLochlan Street
McNally Street
Meadow Crescent
Melanie Court
Melinga Crescent
Melissa Street
Melville Court
Meredith Street
Merton Close
Meteor Street
Middleborough Road
Midway Street
Miller Crescent
Milliara Street
Milloo Crescent
Minilya Avenue
Monash Freeway
Monash In-Blackburn Ramp Off
Monash In-Forster Ramp Off
Monash In-Huntingdale Ramp Off
Monash Out-Blackburn Ramp Off
Monash Out-Forster Ramp Off
Monica Close
Monomeith Crescent
Montgomery Avenue
Montvale Mews
Moorea Court
Morley Street
Morrison Court
Morshead Avenue
Mount Pleasant Drive
Mt Pleasant Drive
Mueller Close
Muir Street
Mummery Street
Munro Avenue
Nagara Court
Nagle Court
Napier Court
Narmara Street
Nellie Court
Nethercote Drive
Neva Court
Nicholson Avenue
Nicole Street
Nigretta Court
Norman Court
Norray Avenue
Nyrang Street
Oak Court
Oakdene Court
Oakern Street
Oakhill Road
Oak Hill Road
Oakpark Drive
Ochre Place
Olive Avenue
Olympian Avenue
Ophir Road
Ormiston Street
Orrell Court
Osborne Avenue
Outlook Road
Oxford Street
Pall Mall
Pall Mall
Palm Beach Crescent
Palm Court
Palmer Court
Pamay Road
Pamela Street
Parkinson Street
Park Lane
Park Road
Pascall Street
Patrick Street
Paynes Road
Peacock Street
Penleigh Court
Peru Court
Pindan Court
Pinewood Drive
Portsmouth Street
Price Avenue
Princetown Road
Prospect Street
Purse Street
Quaintance Street
Quercus Court
Quinton Court
Rae Street
Railway Parade South
Rainbow Court
Ralph Court
Randall Court
Redmond Court
Rees Court
Regent Street
Rhonda Street
Richard Road
Ricketts Road
Ripley Street
Riversdale Court
Riviera Street
Rivoli Court
Robin Grove
Rocklands Road
Roe Court
Roland Street
Romney Court
Rosaline Avenue
Ross Court
Rowan Court
Royal Court
Runnymede Street
Russell Crescent
Ryder Court
Sadie Street
Salisbury Road
Sampson Drive
Savannah Place
Savige Avenue
Scammell Close
Scotchmans Creek Trail
Seaton Court
Seaview Street
Sefton Court
Selby Street
Sesame Street
Severn Court
Sherwood Road
Simpson Drive
Sim Street
Skene Street
Smyth Street
Snead Court
Solferino Close
Solomon Street
Somers Court
Sparks Avenue
Stableford Avenue
Stalbans Street
St Albans Street
St Andrews Court
Stanley Avenue
Station Place
Station Street
St Clair Crescent
St Cloud Court
Stephensons Place
Stephensons Road
Stewart Street
St Johns Wood Road
Stocks Road
Stretton Court
Sunhill Avenue
Sunhill Road
Sunnyside Road
Surrey Road
Susan Court
Swayfield Road
Sylvan Crescent
Talbot Road
Tambo Court
Tanjil Court
Tarella Drive
Taroona Avenue
Taylor Court
Tessa Court
Thai Court
The Close
The Highway
Therese Avenue
Tinto Court
Toirram Road
Toolang Court
Toombah Street
Tooronga Court
Torquay Avenue
Torroodun Street
Trevor Court
Tricks Court
Tuhans Road
Turner Court
Tyne Court
Una Street
Utah Road
Valley Road
Vasey Avenue
Vermilion Place
Vermillion Place
Viewbank Road
Vila Court
Virginia Street
Vista Avenue
Vivian Street
Wadham Parade
Wagstaff Street
Waimarie Drive
Walker Road
Wallabah Street
Walton Heath Crescent
Warren Court
Wave Avenue
Waverley Road
Wendover Court
Westaby Court
White Street
Whiton Street
Wiaktun Crescent
Wilga Street
William Street
Wills Avenue
Winbourne Road
Windsor Avenue
Wingate Avenue
Wirth Street
Woodstock Road
Wortley Avenue
Yaldara Close
Yangoora Court
Yarrabee Court
Yatama Court
Yvette Court