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Narangba (QLD 4504) Suburb Information

Sales History for Narangba (QLD 4504)

Yearly Sales Information

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Other Sales History Information

Median Sales Prices for Narangba (QLD 4504)

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Streets in Narangba (QLD 4504)

Abelia Court
Aberdeen Drive
Aberdeen Way
Alf Dobson Road
Alphitonia Place
Alvisio Court
Amaroo Avenue
Andrew Campbell Drive
Angophora Close
Areca Court
Aretha Lane
Arizona Pines Caravan Park Access
Aspect Place
Australe Place
Ava Street
Awesome Drive
Aylmore Court
Azure Place
Bamboo Court
Banjora Way
Banyan Street
Baphal Crescent
Barambah Place
Baree Way
Barnowl Court
Barnowl Esplanade
Baroon Place
Barrine Place
Bazeridge Drive
Bee Eater Close
Bee-Eater Close
Bein Close
Belah Place
Belah Street
Belalie Court
Bellevue Court
Bendee Court
Bentwing Court
Bird View Street
Birrabeen Court
Blackbean Court
Blaxland Place
Bluegrass Drive
Boobook Court
Boonjee Close
Booyong Close
Boree Court
Boronia Outlook
Boron Street
Borumba Court
Boscoe Road
Bottlebrush Crescent
Boundary Road
Boundary Road Bridge
Boundary Road Exit
Boundary Road Off Ramp
Brampton Court
Brindle Place
Britannia Court
Browns Creek Road
Browns Road
Bruce Highway
Bruce Highway On Ramp
Brushtail Court
Brushtail Place
Bunya Court
Burpengary Road
Bush Tucker Drive
Business Drive
Butcherbird Court
Butleigh Court
Callaghan Road
Campbell Street
Carabeen Court
Carmen Court
Carol Anne Crescent
Carol-Anne Crescent
Casey Court
Casino Court
Casuarina Street
Catchment Court
Cavill Way
Central Green Drive
Cerium Street
Champion Circuit
Chaps Close
Charmaine Court
Cherry Lane
Citrus Court
Clara Lane
Claremont Court
Clarence Close
Clearview Court
Coachwood Place
Como Court
Conduit Street
Conebush Court
Conebush Street
Constantin Street
Cooba Court
Coochin Avenue
Coolamon Place
Coolibah Place
Coonowrin Place
Cootamundra Crescent
Coronata Crescent
Corymbia Close
Corzac Street
Cottontree Drive
Cottonwood Street
Courtney Court
Creekside Drive
Crest Street
Crinum Court
Culcross Drive
Culcross Road
Currantwood Court
Dado Street
Dean Drive
Deception Bay Road
Deception Bay Road Off Ramp
Delaney Road
Desmond Street
Devlin Road
Dianella Close
Dom Court
Dorothy Street
Dougherty Close
Dublane Court
Duncombe Road
Eco Crescent
Edgewood Street
Elite Crescent
Eliza Court
Elmwood Court
Eminence Avenue
Eugenia Court
Everton Street
Fairlight Lane
Feeder Street
Ferrier Road
Ferrier Street
Figbird Drive
Figbird Road
Figwood Court
Firewheel Place
Florence Court
Forest Ridge Drive
Forrest Ridge Drive
Forte Court
Franz Road
Frawley Avenue
Friarbird Drive
Geneva Crescent
Geordon Street
Gerygone Court
Gidgee Court
Giles Chase
Girraween Place
Glasstail Crescent
Glenross Place
Glorious Avenue
Golden Wattle Drive
Grace Crescent
Grace Mac Court
Grace Street
Grange Court
Grazier Street
Greenhaven Circuit
Greenlinks Crescent
Greentree Street
Grey Crescent
Guana Drive
Guava Place
Guinea Crescent
Gwenyth Court
Hakea Court
Hakea Street
Hall Road
Harold's Track
Harolds Track
Harris Avenue
Harrymac Court
Harry Mac Court
Helium Street
Hemlock Court
Henry Court
Hickory Drive
Hideaway Close
Highlands Drive
Hillside Street
Hollow Crescent
Homeworld Drive
Hopewell Lane
Huon Street
Huron Place
Imperial Crescent
Incline Place
Jambola Court
James Mac Court
Janet Court
Jardine Place
Jessie Mac Court
Jinibara Crescent
Julia Street
Juniper Court
Kallatina Street
Kanuka Close
Karala Court
Karalla Court
Karamu Place
Kassandra Court
Katarina Street
Kelburn Court
Kelly Street
Kernel Road
Kilmarnock Court
Kilmarnock Road
King Parrot Close
Kintail Place
Knight Road
Knight Road
Knights Road
Koel Drive
Krypton Street
Kurara Court
Lennon Boulevard
Leopardwood Street
Lightwood Place
Lignum Court
Lilly Anna Lane
Lily Mac Court
Link Street
Little Ridge Court
Lofty Court
Lonsdale Close
Lookout Place
Lorenz Street
Lucinda Lane
Lucy Court
MacDonald Drive
Mackie Road
Magenta Crescent
Magnesium Crescent
Magnesium Street
Maidenhair Drive
Main Street
Majestic Street
Mallet Court
Mango Crescent
Mannikin Street
Manuka Road
Mapleton Court
Mari Place
Marks Road
Marlock Court
Marshman Road
Marsh Road
Marsh Street
Martha Court
Mary Mac Court
Matterhorn Drive
Max Court
May Court
McCormack Road North
McCullagh Crescent
McKenzie Avenue
McPhail Road
McTavish Place
Merryn Court
Michel Drive
Millstream Drive
Mineral Sizer Court
Mitta Crescent
Monarch Avenue
Moorhen Court
Moorina Road
Morgan Road
Morrison Street
Mount View Crescent
Mt View Crescent
Mudgee Place
Mulga Court
Mumford Road
Myall Court
Myrtle Court
Narangba Road
Narangba Sporting Complex Access
Narangba Valley Primary School Access
Narangba Valley Shopping Centre Access
Native Close
Needletail Court
Neilson Road
Neon Street
New Settlement Road
Nexus Street
Ngungun Parade
Nicholas Close
Nickel Street
Noble Crescent
Nocturnal Promenade
North South Arterial Road
North South Arterial Road Exit
Oakey Flat Road
Olbertz Place
Old Gympie Road
Omara Road
O'Mara Road
Ontario Crescent
Osborne Drive
Outlook Place
Owen Court
Oxenfoord Court
Oxenford Court
Palatial Crescent
Palman Place
Palmer Place
Paluma Place
Pandorea Place
Panora Court
Panoramic Drive
Paperbark Court
Paterson Place
Penda Street
Pepperina Court
Peppermint Court
Peppertree Court
Peregian Court
Phillips Road
Piccabeen Court
Picton Crescent
Pioneer Drive
Pituri Place
Placid Court
Ponds Court
Poppel Court
Porca Road
Possum Drive
Potassium Street
Potassium Street Bridge
Praise Mountain Road
Premier Place
Private Road
Proposed Road
Prosperity Street
Providence Way
Quandong Court
Radon Road
Raynbird Road
Raynbirds Road
Red Ash Court
Regal Crescent
Retreat Crescent
Richards Road
Ridge Parade
Ridge View Drive
Rifle Range Road
Ringtail Court
River Oak Way
Robart Court
Roberts Road
Roden Drive
Rokeby Street
Rosa Court
Rosalind Court
Rosie Mac Court
Rufus Street
Rundle Circuit
Rusty Gum Court
Ryder Court
Saint Clair Court
Saltwater Circuit
Samuel Way
Sanctuary Crescent
Sandalwood Street
Satinash Street
Scenery Crescent
Scenery Street
School Road
School Street
Schulz Road
Serene Circuit
Settler Lane
Shrike Court
Side Creek Parade
Sideling Street
Silicon Street
Silvereye Court
Siris Court
Smiths Road
Smiths Road
Smiths Road North
Smudgee Close
Sodium Street
Sommerset Court
Sophie Street
Sovereign Drive
Splendid Parade
Springbrook Drive
Springbrook Place
Spur Court
Stark Drive
Starling Court
Stately Crescent
Statley Crescent
St Clair Court
Steel Street
Steven Court
Stonehaven Place
Stone Ridge Boulevard
Stunning Crescent
Sugargum Place
Sulphar Street
Sulphur Street
Sundown Court
Superb Crescent
Superb Crescent
Superb Street
Sustainability Court
Swanston Crescent
Swete Street
Tadorna Street
Tahoe Place
Tallowwood Drive
Tamarillo Circuit
Tamborine Place
Tangerine Court
Tantallon Place
Tarndar Place
Tea Tree Street
Terrace Court
Thirlestane Terrace
Thomas Street
Tibrogargan Drive
Tim Heitmann Court
Tinkling Court
Toledo Drive
Toolah Court
Toona Court
Toorak Close
Topknot Court
Torrenia Street
Totara Street
Tribulation Close
Tribulation Court
Trixie Court
Tuckeroo Street
Tulipwood Way
Ultimate Drive
Valentine Court
Valleyview Street
Venus Street
Viewland Drive
Violet Mac Court
Walmsley Street
Wanderer Court
Warrego Lane
Waterway Crescent
Wedgetail Circuit
Wellington Place
Wentworth Place
Weyba Court
Wheaton Street
White Cedar Place
Whitfield Court
Williamina Court
William Mac Court
Windemere Avenue
Wivenhoe Circuit
Wollumbin Place
Wullun Place
Yalbah Place
Yarle Court
Yarran Street
Yellow Robin Court
Young Road

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