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Orange (NSW 2800) Suburb Information

Sales History for Orange (NSW 2800)

Yearly Sales Information

(Please note that sales history may not be available for every year.)

Other Sales History Information

Median Sales Prices for Orange (NSW 2800)

Graphs and tables are produced from data provided by the Department of Finance and Services, Land and Property Information NSW. © Department of Finance and Services, Land and Property Information 2019.
  Median Property Price ($)   Median Unit Price ($)   Median Non-Unit Price ($)   Total Sales

NSW Information

The website contains property sales information provided under licence from the Department of Finance and Services, Land and Property Information, combined with additional sales information, property attribute data, and photographs sourced from All Homes Pty Ltd. Last issue date 09/12/2019. All Homes Pty Ltd is authorised as a Property Sales Information provider of the Department of Finance and Services, Land and Property Information.

Streets in Orange (NSW 2800)

Abbey Court
Abelia Close
Acacia Drive
Adina Crescent
Agate Street
Agland Crescent
Alan Ridley Place
Albert Street
Albion Place
Algona Crescent
Alice Place
Alison Place
Alkira Way
Allenby Road
Amana Circuit
Amanda Place
Amangu Close
Amaroo Crescent
Amber Street
Aminya Place
Ammerdown Crescent
Angela Place
Angus Place
Annabelle Close
Annis Avenue
Anson Street
Anthony Crescent
Anzac Place
Apollo Place
Ash Street
Astill Drive
Atlas Place
Attunga Place
Auberson Road
Austin Street
Autumn Street
Avondale Drive
Avonlea Place
Ballykeane Lane
Banjo Paterson Way
Banksia Street
Barcelona Way
Bardia Avenue
Bargwanna Road
Barrett Court
Barrett Street
Bartlett Street
Barton Drive
Bathurst Road
Bauer Place
Beech Crescent
Beer Road
Begonia Place
Bella Vista Close
Benelong Place
Benview Avenue
Bert Whiteley Place
Betts Place
Betula Street
Bill Marshall Drive
Bilton Place
Bimble Close
Binnari Avenue
Birchgrove Drive
Birinta Place
Blackley Street
Blackmans Close
Blanche Avenue
Bletchington Street
Bligh Street
Bloomfield Road
Blowes Road
Blunt Road
Bonanza Place
Bonnie Doon Place
Boolaroo Place
Booth Crescent
Boree Lane
Borenore Dam Road
Boronia Crescent
Borrodell Drive
Botanic Way
Bowen Place
Bowman Avenue
Bowyer Place
Boyd Place
Braeburn Crescent
Braemar Circuit
Breen Street
Briens Way
Brock Place
Brooke Place
Brookfield Way
Brooklands Drive
Brown Street
Bruce Road
Brunswick Street
Buckland Drive
Bulgas Road
Buna Street
Bundarra Crescent
Bundarra Place
Bunya Close
Burreburry Crescent
Burrendong Way
Burrows Court
Byng Street
Cadia Road
Cadogan Crescent
Calang Street
Calara Place
Caleula Crescent
Callawa Street
Callistemon Place
Calton Road
Camellia Place
Cameron Place
Campdale Place
Candlebark Crescent
Canobolas Road
Cargo Road
Caroline Street
Carramar Avenue
Carrington Place
Carroll Street
Carwoola Drive
Casey Street
Cassey Crescent
Casuarina Drive
Catania Street
Catto Close
Cawana Place
Cecil Road
Cedar Street
Cemar Avenue
Centennial Crescent
Central Circuit
Cherry Place
Cherrywood Close
Chestnut Avenue
Chiswell Street
Churchill Avenue
Cianfrano Place
Claremont Way
Clem McFawn Place
Clergate Road
Clifton Grove
Clinton Street
Coach-House Place
Colliers Avenue
Collins Way
Collwood Crescent
Colonial Close
Colvin Lane
Coogal Drive
Cooinda Avenue
Coombes Place
Coronation Drive
Corporation Place
Cossack Close
Coulson Place
Courallie Drive
Covent Close
Cox Avenue
Crinoline Street
Curran Street
Currong Crescent
Cypress Street
Daffodil Street
Dairy Creek Road
Dairy Hill Place
Dale Street
Daley Place
Dalton Street
Dandaloo Place
Dane Lane
Darcy Brown Place
Darcy Place
Davidson Court
Dawson Gates Road
Daydawn Place
Dean Drive
Diamond Drive
Digby Close
Dimboola Way
Discovery Drive
Dora Street
Dougherty Place
Douglas Place
Downey Crescent
Duncanson Drive
Echidna Place
Edward Martin Avenue
Edward Street
Elberta Street
Elizabeth Street
Eliza Place
Ella Place
Ellard Street
Elliot Crescent
Elliott Close
Elm Street
Eloc Place
Elonera Place
El Paso Place
Elsham Avenue
Elsie Street
Elwin Drive
Emerald Street
Emily Place
Emmaville Street
Endeavour Avenue
Endsleigh Avenue
Etna Street
Eungella Place
Eurawillah Street
Evans Place
Eyles Street
Fahy Crescent
Falvey Road
Farrell Road
Finneran Road
Fitzroy Street
Folster Place
Forbes Road
Forest Road
Fox Avenue
Franklin Road
Fraser Place
Frederica Street
Friendship Place
Frost Street
Gala Crescent
Gallagher Place
Gallipoli Place
Garden Street
Gardiner Road
Garema Road
Garnet Street
Gartrell Way
Gateway Crescent
Gemini Place
George Weily Place
Georgian Place
Gersbach Place
Gilliana Place
Gilroy Place
Girrahween Place
Glasson Drive
Glendale Crescent
Glenroi Avenue
Golden Place
Goldfinch Way
Gona Street
Goorawin Road
Gorman Road
Goroka Place
Grace Rise
Green Lane
Green Lane West
Greerlyn Way
Gregory Place
Grevillea Street
Griffin Road
Hale Street
Hallaran Way
Hamer Street
Hamilton Mews
Hampden Avenue
Hanrahan Place
Hargraves Crescent
Hartas Lane
Havachat Place
Hawke Lane
Hawkins Lane
Hawthorn Place
Heatherbrae Parade
Heath Place
Hereford Place
Heritage Close
Hewitt Close
Hillcrest Avenue
Hill Street
Holly Place
Holman Way
Honeyman Drive
Horspool Way
Hoskins Place
Hughes Street
Huntley Road
Hurford Place
Ibis Crescent
Icely Road
Illamatta Way
Illawong Place
Industry Drive
Inkara Place
Isaac Drive
Ivanhoe Way
Jade Avenue
Jaeger Avenue
James Cook Crescent
James Road
James Ryan Avenue
James Sheahan Drive
Japonica Place
Jarrah Place
Jasper Street
Jazz Place
Jeanette Close
Jennings Close
Jenter Place
Jessie Rise
Jilba Street
Jindalee Avenue
Joanne Place
Johnstone Street
Jonathon Road
Jubilee Avenue
Juniper Place
Kable Place
Kaleno Way
Kalkadoon Place
Kamdell Place
Kangaroobie Lane
Kangaroobie Road
Kara Place
Karimi Way
Karri Close
Katoa Place
Kearneys Drive
Keithian Place
Kendor Close
Kengdelt Place
Kenna Street
Kennett Place
Kent Avenue
Kerr Place
Kingfisher Court
Kirkwood Place
Kirra Lane
Kite Street
Kokoda Street
Kooronga Avenue
Kumali Circuit
Kurim Avenue
Kylie Circuit
Laing Avenue
Lamrock Avenue
Landy Place
Lane Place
Lantana Place
Larela Circuit
Larry Dwyer Way
Laughton Close
Laurel Avenue
Lavender Close
Lawson Crescent
Leeds Parade
Leewood Drive
Legacy Avenue
Lesbos Place
Leumeah Road
Leura Place
Leura Road
Lewana Place
Lilac Avenue
Linda Crescent
Linden Avenue
Lisbon Circuit
Lister Drive
Little Brunswick Street
Little Summer Street
Lombardy Way
Lone Pine Avenue
Lords Place
Lucas Street
Lukin Place
Lyrebird Place
Lysterfield Road
Madison Way
Magnolia Way
Maguire Avenue
Mahogany Court
Majestic Way
Malabar Road
Mallee Place
Malvern Avenue
Mangowa Close
Manning Road
Maple Avenue
Maramba Road
March Street
Maree Street
Margaret Street
Mariposa Street
Markham Avenue
Mark Place
Maroney Close
Maroo Road
Marsden Place
Martin Place
Mastronardi Way
Mathoura Place
Matthews Avenue
Maxime Place
Maxwell Avenue
Mazoudier Place
McCarron Place
McCarthy Place
McCormick Place
McIntosh Street
McKay Crescent
McLachlan Street
McNamara Street
McNeilly Avenue
Melaleuca Way
Melville Place
Messina Street
Millthorpe Road
Mirral Way
Mitchell Highway
Mitchell Parade
Moad Place
Moad Street
Molloy Drive
Molong Road
Monett Place
Moonstone Drive
Moresby Street
Moriarty Crescent
Morobe Place
Morrisset Road
Moulder Street
Mount Lindsay Drive
Mount Pleasant Lane
Mulberry Lane
Mulga Bill Place
Mulhall Place
Murphy Lane
Murraba Close
Murray Avenue
Myora Place
Namatjira Crescent
Nancy Place
Nandillion Ponds Drive
Narree Place
Nathan Street
National Avenue
Neals Lane
Nelson Place
Newman Street
Newport Street
New Street
Nicholas Place
Nicole Drive
Nile Street
Ningoola Way
Nioka Place
Niven Place
Noonameena Drive
Noreen Place
Northern Distributor Road
Northstoke Way
North Street
Nunkeri Place
Nunns Avenue
Nyrang Road
Oak Street
Old Forbes Road
Oleander Avenue
Olver Street
Olympic Drive
Onyx Place
Opal Street
Ophir Road
Ophir Street
Orana Street
Orchard Grove Road
Oxley Place
Packham Street
Palermo Street
Paling Street
Palmer Street
Panpande Crescent
Parker Place
Park Lane
Park Road
Park Street
Parnoo Place
Pasadena Place
Pearce Lane
Pearl Court
Peisley Street
Perc Griffith Way
Phillip Street
Phoenix Place
Pimpala Place
Pindari Place
Pine Ridge Drive
Pines Lane
Pinnacle Road
Pioneer Place
Pippin Way
Pirinari Place
Pitta Pitta Place
Ploughmans Lane
Poplars Drive
Post Office Lane
Priest Lane
Primula Close
Prince Street
Provincial Place
Prunus Avenue
Pulari Place
Pyala Place
Quartz Street
Quinlan Run
Quinlan Run
Racecourse Road
Rahiri Lane
Raines Place
Ralston Drive
Ramsay Close
Rawle Avenue
Redgum Avenue
Redluom Place
Redmond Place
Regency Place
Richard Laffan Place
Richards Place
Rifle Range Road
Robinson Court
Rodd Place
Romano Drive
Rose Avenue
Rosedale Place
Roselawn Drive
Rosemary Lane
Rosetto Close
Rosewood Avenue
Rowan Street
Row Close
Royle Drive
Ruby Street
Rutherford Place
Rymills Lane
Sale Street
Sampson Street
Samuel Close
Sapphire Street
Saran Place
Scott Place
Sean O'Doherty Place
Sepik Place
Settlers Close
Seville Parade
Seymour Street
Shamrock Place
Sharp Road
Sheldon Crescent
Sheridan Place
Shiralee Road
Sieben Drive
Silverdown Way
Simpson Close
Sirius Close
Sir Neville Howse Place
Sophie Drive
South Terrace
Speet Place
Spencer Lane
Spicers Place
Springbank Lane
Springfield Place
Spring Street
Spurway Lane
Steeles Lane
Stephen Place
Stewart Close
Stibbards Lane
Stirling Avenue
Stratford Close
Strathgrove Way
Sullivan Circuit
Summer Place
Summer Street
Sunburst Street
Sundew Circuit
Sunny South Crescent
Sunrise Way
Sunset Place
Sycamore Drive
Syringa Place
Talinga Place
Taloumbi Place
Taralye Place
Tarawell Crescent
Taronga Avenue
Tasha Place
Tate Crescent
Telopea Way
Terry Turner Drive
The Escort Way
The Snowy Way
Thomas Brosnan Way
Thomas Street
Thompson Road
Thoopara Place
Thorpe Place
Tilston Way
Tinnock Place
Tobruk Crescent
Todd Place
Tom Close
Topaz Street
Torpy Street
Torulosa Way
Trainor Court
Trappit Place
Treweeke Street
Trinity Place
Tudor Place
Tumbeelluwa Place
Turner Crescent
Turquoise Way
Tynan Street
Valencia Drive
Valerie Place
Victoria Street
Wade Place
Wahratta Way
Wakeford Street
Walkabout Place
Waratah Avenue
Warrendine Street
Warrigal Place
Wattle Avenue
Wattlebird Place
Webb Street
Weema Place
Wellwood Road
Wentworth Lane
Westhaven Place
West Street
Whitney Place
Wiare Circuit
Wickham Close
Wicks Road
William Maker Drive
William Street
Willow Place
Windamingle Place
Windera Drive
Windred Street
Windsor Lane
Winter Street
Wiradjuri Place
Wirrabarra Walk
Wirringulla Place
Wirruna Avenue
Wisteria Place
Witton Place
Wolsley Street
Woodbine Close
Woodward Street
Wrights Lane
Yackerboon Place
Yaraan Place
Yarawini Drive
Yarrawong Place
Yellow Box Way
Yulanta Place
Yurinigh Place
Yvonne Crescent