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Pimpama (QLD 4209) Suburb Information

Sales History for Pimpama (QLD 4209)

Yearly Sales Information

(Please note that sales history may not be available for every year.)
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Median Sales Prices for Pimpama (QLD 4209)

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Streets in Pimpama (QLD 4209)

Academy Of Dance Access
Access Road
Addisyn Street
Alpine Lane
Altitude Drive
Altona Street
Anembo Avenue
Angela Way
Angus Street
Anlaby Drive
Aramani Avenue
Arbour Avenue
Arcadia Boulevard
Armani Avenue
Aspect Street
Attenborough Boulevard
Attenborough Road
Attenborough Road
Attenborough Road Bridge
Augusta Boulevard
Avondale Crescent
Avondale Drive
Azure Way
Baines Court
Baldwin Crescent
Banrock Street
Barakee Street
Barak Street
Barron Court
Barry Street
Barwon Lane
Baw Baw Lane
Beaumont Drive
Bedford Road
Beilby Crescent
Belconnen Drive
Bella Boulevard
Benjamin Street
Benwerrin Street
Bidmead Circuit
Binnowee Way
Blossom Street
Bodacious Terrace
Bodacoius Terrace
Brampton Court
Brett Street
Brookfield Street
Bulleringa Street
Bull Road
Bunderoo Circuit
Bundy Court
Burghardt Court
Burnett Street
Butterleaf Crescent
Byfield Street
Cairnlea Drive
Cambridge Circuit
Carinya Court
Carnarvon Court
Cascade Street
Casey Street
Cassab Street
Caulfield Court
Chapman Street
Charles Avenue
Chisolm Way
Christopher Street
Chrome Drive
Cirrus Way
Claredon Lane
Clarence Street
Clark Way
Clay Court
Cobb Crescent
Cobradah Court
Coldstream Street
Collingrove Circuit
Conimbla Street
Conochie Place
Conservation Drive
Coomera Heights Drive
Cooroo Lane
Copeland Street
Copper Parade
Coral Street
Cotman Way
Cottrell Drive
Cox Road
Cradle Lane
Cranberrie Crescent
Creek Street
Creek Street Bridge
Cress Court
Cudmore Street
Cullen Street
Cunningham Drive
Cunningham Drive North
Curtis Street
Danbulla Street
Dandaloo Court
Darcey Street
Davenport Place
Deepak Drive
Depot Road
Dewrang Drive
Dixon Drive
Dobson Avenue
Dobson Place
Dobson Place
Doherty Drive
Dorchester Close
Dorset Street
Dunraven Drive
Dwyer Street
Dyer Street
Earleham Court
Eden Close
Edgeware Road
Elsey Court
Eminence Way
Epping Avenue
Ewan Street
Fairbourne Street
Fairbourne Terrace
Fannon Court
Ferngrove Street
Finnegan Way
Firestone Avenue
Flametree Street
Flinders Street
Flora Terrace
Foley Crescent
Forest Drive
Formosa Street
Fortescue Street
Fountain Street
Frontier Boulevard
Fry Court
Fullbrook Street
Gainsborough Drive
Gainsborough Greens Access
Gawthern Drive
Geoffrey Miller Avenue
Giacco Street
Gideon Gardens
Gill Street
Girraween Street
Girtin Circuit
Girtin Circuit
Girtin Crescent
Girtin Crescent
Goolwa Court
Gower Court
Gower Court
Gower Lane
Graham Street
Grantham Road
Great Otway Avenue
Great Sandy Circuit
Green Meadows Road
Greenmount Street
Greenwich Avenue
Guara Grove
Guara Grove East
Gypsum Place
Habitat Way
Halcyon Drive
Halifax Circuit
Hallam Link
Hamersley Street
Hampton Court
Hampton Lane
Hanlink Way
Hanlin Way
Hanover Drive
Harding Street
Harmony Street
Harrison Place
Harvard Street
Hasham Court
Hazel Street
Hermitage Close
Hill Drive
Hillsborough Place
Hipwood Street
Hollyoak Crescent
Hotham Creek Road
Hotham Creek Road East
Hotham Creek Road North
Howell Crescent
Hupfeld Lane
Hurley Street
Ian Street
Idalia Street
Imelda Way
James Street
Janelle Street
Jaxson Terrace
John Crescent
Justin Street
Kahan Court
Kakadu Street
Kalgoorlie Street
Karingal Drive
Katie Street
Katrina Street
Kay Street
Kerkin Road
Kerkin Road North
Kerkin Road South
Kiama Court
Kiama Court Access
Kingfisher Street
Kinglake Crescent
Kona Way
Koolkuna Court
Kosciuszko Circuit
Kumbatine Street
Kuziosco Circuit
Kyewong Court
Labassa Avenue
Lamington Lane
Laon Street
Lauenstein Crescent
Laxon Lane
Leabrook Place
Lee Street
Limmen Street
Lindeman Circuit
Lindeman Circuit
Lindeman Court
Lindeman Court
Lindsay Lane
Litchfield Lane
Littabella Street
Loft Court
Longstaff Crescent
Looby Crescent
Lumeah Avenue
Luna Circuit
Luna Circuit
Lysaght Drive
Macarthur Street
Maidstone Lane
Manning Court
Marble Lane
Margaret Street
Marika Street
Matas Drive
Matasha Crescent
Matthews Crescent
Maurie Pears Crescent
Maybush Way
McDonnel Lane
McIness Street
McInnes Street
McMahon Drive
McVeigh Street
McWang Road
McWilliam Street
Meadows Street
Mebbin Street
Meebin Street
Melville Drive
Mercer Street
Mieka Crescent
Milbrook Crescent
Millet Place
Millstream Place
Mirambeena Drive
Mirambeena Drive Bridge
Mirambeena Drive Off Ramp
Mirinae Circuit
Mocha Way
Moondarra Street
Moonstone Street
Moorinya Circuit
Morris Street
Moss Terrace
Mount Royal Street
Mowbray Street
Mt Royal Street
Mulberry Terrace
Mungo Close
Murdoch Court
Nambucca Crescent
Nangar Street
Narkoola Street
Narrien Street
Nash Street
Newbury Street
Nexus Drive
Nickel Street
Nightshade Crescent
Ningaloo Drive
Norfolk Street
Nowendoc Avenue
Nullarbor Street
Nyrang Drive
Oak Street
Oakwood Street
Oceanblue Rise
Oconnell Court
O'Connell Court
Old Pacific Highway
Old Wharf Road
Oomool Court
Opal Lane
Ormeau School Access
Ormeau Station Access
Ossa Lane
Oxford Street
Pacific Highway
Pacific Motorway
Pacific Motorway Bridge
Pacific Motorway On Ramp
Pacific Springs Drive
Paluma Crescent
Panama Street
Parkland Circuit
Peak Crescent
Pearsons Street
Pembroke Street
Penfolds Close
Peppertree Street
Percy Earl Crescent
Perger Street
Persimmon Street
Peters Street
Pidgeon Street
Pidna Lane
Pimpama Jacobs Well Road
Pimpama-Jacobs Well Road
Pimpama Off Ramp
Pimpama State Secondary College Access
Pinnacle Way
Price Court
Proposed Road
Pyrite Street
Quessada Court
Ramsay Street
Reagan Close
Remarkable Street
Residences Circuit
Rhiana Street
Richmond Street
Rickard Close
Rifle Range Road
Rise Crescent
Robert Drive
Rockford Street
Rory Lane
Rosewood Street
Ross Crescent
Rothbury Terrace
Rowella Street
Rundle Avenue
Saltwater Street
Salzburg Road
Sandalwood Street
Sapphire Place
Sarabah Way
Savanna Gardens
Schofield Street
Seaford Street
Service Crossover
Shawnee Crescent
Sibley Street
Sibly Street
Sidney Lane
Sienna Crescent
Sky Crescent
Skyvine Court
Soldier Bird Avenue
Somerset Circuit
Song Crescent
Southern Lights Drive
Stanford Lane
Starr Street
Steven Crescent
Stewarts Road
Stirling Circuit
Streaky Lane
Sudbury Drive
Sulzberger Place
Summit Place
Sundown Circuit
Sunrise Link
Sunstone Avenue
Swan Road
Sylvia Lane
Tallaganda Lane
Tamarind Place
Tayla Street
The Heights
The Heights Boulevard
Thomas Lane
Thorne Drive
Tierney Way
Tiffany Way
Tillyroen Road
Toonumba Street
Towarri Street
Trents Court
Troy Knight Drive
Trump Street
Tuxworth Place
Umbango Drive
Undarra Street
Vasey Court
Village Boulevard
Vista Crescent
Voyager Terrace
Wallaby Way
Wandoo Lane
Warrabah Close
Warrawee Way
Warren Avenue
Waterclover Drive
Waterline Street
Waverley Drive
Waverley Drive Exit
Weymouth Street
Wharf Road
Wharf Street
White Avenue
Whitsunday Circuit
Whitsunday Circuit
Whitsunday Court
Whitsunday Court
Wickford Street
Willandra Lane
William Boulevard
Willow Road
Winchester Crescent
Winston Way
Wollemi Street
Wolston Lane
Woocoo Close
Woodrose Circuit
Woodrow Street
Wraight Street
Wyperfield Circuit
Xenia Street
Yalata Street
Yalata Street
Yale Street
Yatala Street
Yawalpah Road
Yoorigan Lane
York Street
Zinc Street

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