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Shepparton (VIC 3630) Suburb Information

Sales History for Shepparton (VIC 3630)

Yearly Sales Information

(Please note that sales history may not be available for every year.)

Other Sales History Information

Median Sales Prices for Shepparton (VIC 3630)

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Streets in Shepparton (VIC 3630)

Abernethy Street
Acacia Street
Adams Avenue
Adelaide Street
Alamein Street
Alan Street
Albert Street
Alexander Parade
Allambi Street
Almond Place
Andrew Fairley Avenue
Ann Court
Annerley Avenue
Annette Court
Ann Wood Nook
Ansell Crescent
Anzac Street
Apex Court
Apollo Drive
Appletree Crescent
Apsley Court
Arbour Court
Archer Street
Ashburton Street
Ashenden Street
Ash Street
Ashton Road
Asim Drive
Aspendale Crescent
Attwood Court
Avoca Court
Ayrshire Way
Baker Street
Balaclava Road
Ballinger Court
Banks Place
Barker Avenue
Barossa Street
Barton Street
Barwon Court
Bass Court
Batman Avenue
Beaumaris Street
Beckett Court
Beckham Street
Bedford Court
Bellevue Court
Belle Vue Court
Benalla Road
Bennett Street
Benson Court
Bentleigh Street
Berkshire Court
Birch Street
Blackwood Street
Blair Court
Blamey Street
Blaxland Street
Bonbeach Street
Bonney Court
Boronia Court
Boronia Drive
Botany Court
Botany Crescent
Bourchier Street
Bowe Lane
Bowenhall Street
Bowe Street
Boyd Avenue
Brack Court
Bradford Road
Braeburn Avenue
Branditt Avenue
Brauman Street
Breage Court
Brighton Court
Broken River Drive
Bronze Street
Brooks Avenue
Broomfield Street
Bruce Court
Buckingham Street
Buckmaster Court
Buick Close
Burke Street
Burns Court
Burwood Avenue
Byass Street
Cadell Court
Cadillac Court
Callister Street
Camaro Nook
Cameron Avenue
Campbell Street
Cann Court
Canterbury Avenue
Carlisle Court
Carlos Court
Carney Street
Carr Street
Carson Street
Cascade Place
Caulfield Court
Cawthray Court
Cedar Court
Cemetery Road
Centre Road
Cezanne Drive
Champion Lane
Channel Road
Charolais Court
Cherry Court
Chertsey Road
Cheshire Court
Chevrolet Avenue
Chifley Close
Chuck Road
Clarence Street
Claret Court
Clarke Court
Clarke Street
Claude Street
Clayton Court
Clifton Street
Clive Street
Clydesdale Street
Coates Court
Coburn Street
Collet Street
Colliver Road
Collodetti Crescent
Community Street
Conifer Street
Coomboona Street
Coppin Crescent
Corio Avenue
Corio Street
Cornish Street
Cornwall Court
Corriedale Court
Corvette Court
Cottrell Street
Cougar Place
Crestwood Grove
Cummins Lane
Curlew Place
Curtin Place
Dainton Street
Daish Court
Daldy Crescent
Daldy Road
Dalmahoy Court
Dampier Avenue
Dans Street
Darling Court
Davinci Drive
Da Vinci Drive
Davis Court
Day Court
Deakin Court
Deane Court
Dear Court
Delatite Avenue
Delisle Avenue
Dennis Street
Derwent Court
Devon Court
Diamond Court
Donmaria Court
Don Maria Court
Doody Street
Dorset Court
Doyles Road
Drummond Road
Drysdale Court
Duchess Boulevard
Dudley Street
Duncan Court
Dunkirk Avenue
Dunlop Street
Dunne Court
Dunrobin Street
Dunrossil Court
Dunstan Court
Durham Court
Durif Court
Eagle Court
Edinburgh Court
Edward Street
Eildon Street
Elizabeth Court
Elm Terrace
Eltham Street
Endeavour Court
English Court
Enterprise Drive
Erica Avenue
Erskine Street
Erwen Court
Essex Court
Esson Street
Evans Court
Evergreen Way
Fadden Close
Fahey Street
Fairless Street
Fair Street
Fairway Court
Falcon Court
Feiglin Road
Fenn Street
Ferguson Road
Feshti Street
Field Street
Fig Avenue
Fitzgerald Street
Fitzjohn Street
Fitzroy Street
Florence Street
Ford Road
Fordyce Street
Fowler Street
Fox Court
Fraser Street
Freemans Road
Friesian Crescent
Frogmore Court
Fryers Street
Furze Avenue
Future Court
Gale Court
Gallery Court
Gawne Close
Gaylard Street
Gemini Crescent
Gibbons Road
Gilbert Court
Gilchrist Street
Gillam Street
Gillies Street
Gina Court
Glasson Street
Glenferrie Drive
Glenlyon Avenue
Glenn Street
Glenroy Court
Glory Way
Gloucester Crescent
Golf Drive
Gorr Court
Gough Court
Goulburn Street
Goulburn Valley Highway
Gourlay Street
Gowrie Street
Graham Street
Grahamvale Road
Grant Court
Granthorn Street
Gray Court
Grenache Drive
Grevillea Drive
Grutzner Avenue
Gum Road
Guthrie Street
Guyatt Street
Hafey Court
Halpin Crescent
Hamilton Street
Hampshire Crescent
Handley Court
Hare Street
Harold Street
Harrier Street
Haslem Street
Hassett Street
Hastings Avenue
Hawdon Street
Hawkings Street
Hawkins Street
Hayes Street
Henderson Court
Hereford Drive
Hermitage Street
Heysen Avenue
Hicken Crescent
High Street
Hillary Court
Hillier Street
Hillsborough Avenue
Hill Street
Holland Street
Holstein Court
Holt Court
Hopkins Court
Hoskin Street
Hotham Crescent
Hovell Crescent
Howe Court
Howitt Road
Huggard Street
Hughes Court
Hume Court
Hummingbird Place
Hyrie Court
Industrial Drive
Industrial Drive
Industrial Road
Inspiration Street
Ironbark Way
Isabella Street
Ismet Court
Ivanhoe Court
Jacaranda Drive
Jaguar Place
James Street
Jason Court
Jaycees Court
Jersey Crescent
John Findlay Place
Johnson Street
John Street
Jolimont Terrace
Jonagold Court
Jones Court
Jordan Place
Joseph Baldwin Place
Kakadu Drive
Kennedy Road
Kensington Drive
Kent Court
Keppel Street
Kestrel Drive
Kew Court
Khull Street
Kilpatrick Avenue
Kingfisher Drive
King Richard Drive
King Street
Kirsten Street
Kittles Road
Knight Street
Krone Avenue
Kula Street
Lachlan Crescent
Lagana Drive
Lake Street
Langi Street
Latani Street
Lawson Street
Law Street
Leahy Street
Leffers Street
Legacy Court
Leithen Street
Le Lievre Court
Levis Street
Lightfoot Street
Lilley Court
Limousin Court
Lincoln Drive
Linda Court
Lindsay Court
Lions Court
Lisburn Street
Lister Crescent
Litani Street
Little Street
Locksley Court
Lockwood Road
Loddon Court
Logan Court
London Court
Longstaff Street
Lorraine Street
Lyle Court
Macintosh Street
Macquarie Court
Maculata Drive
Madeira Street
Malbec Court
Malcolm Crescent
Maltby Road
Malvern Court
Maple Street
Mariem Street
Marika Place
Marnoo Street
Marsanne Court
Marsanne Court
Marsanne Street
Martin Court
Marungi Street
Mary Street
Maskell Street
Mason Street
Matilda Drive
Maude Street
Maxwell Street
McCorkell Court
McCormack Avenue
McCracken Street
McCubbin Drive
McDermott Street
McDonald Street
McEwen Street
McGill Street
McGregor Crescent
McHarry Place
McKinney Street
McLean Court
McMahon Court
McMillan Court
McPhees Road
McPherson Street
McRae Avenue
Meaklim Street
Meldrum Court
Melrose Circuit
Mentone Street
Menzies Crescent
Mercury Drive
Merino Drive
Mey Nook
Mey Place
Michel Street
Middlesex Crescent
Middleton Street
Midland Highway
Millicent Street
Mills Street
Mitchell Street
Moller Street
Monash Street
Moncrieff Court
Morningside Terrace
Morris Court
Morrish Road
Moscato Court
Mozart Avenue
Mulgrave Court
Muntz Court
Murray Street
Mustang Place
Nankervis Court
Naomi Street
Nash Street
Neptune Court
Nethersole Court
Nethersole Street
New Dookie Road
Newlyn Street
Newton Street
Nicholas Street
Nicholls Avenue
Nightingale Way
Nixon Street
Nolan Court
Nook Place
Norfolk Court
Norris Court
Northcote Avenue
North Street
Northumberland Crescent
Norton Avenue
Nugent Street
Numurkah Road
Oaklands Court
Oaklands Court
Oak Street
Oconnell Court
O'Connell Court
Old Dookie Road
Old Grahamvale Road
Olympic Avenue
Oram Street
Orchard Circuit
Ormond Street
Orr Street
Osborne Court
Otway Court
Ovens Court
Oxbow Avenue
Oxford Court
Oxley Street
Packham Street
Page Court
Palmer Road
Parker Street
Parkside Drive
Paterson Road
Pearce Street
Peart Street
Pelican Court
Percival Street
Perendale Place
Perrivale Drive
Perry Court
Phillips Street
Pine Road
Pinner Court
Plane Street
Polwarth Place
Pontiac Avenue
Poplar Avenue
Porter Court
Power Street
Princes Crescent
Protea Court
Provincial Crescent
Pryde Court
Purcell Street
Purra Way
Quamby Court
Quiggin Court
Quinan Parade
Quince Street
Racecourse Track
Railway Parade
Ramsey Street
Ranier Court
Rea Street
Rebecca Court
Redgum Court
Redwood Lane
Reedy Swamp Road
Regent Street
Reid Street
Rembrandt Road
Rimes Court
Roberts Street
Roma Drive
Romney Crescent
Rosemont Crescent
Rosina Court
Ross Alan Drive
Rotary Court
Rowena Court
Rowe Street
Royal Court
Rozaria Court
Rudd Road
Rule Street
Runge Street
Rutland Court
Ryeland Drive
Sabri Drive
Salamander Terrace
Sali Drive
Sam Court
Sandbank Court
Sanderson Street
Sandhill Street
Sandpiper Ridge
Sandringham Street
Sarsfield Street
Savoy Nook
Scoresby Avenue
Scullin Court
Service Street
Shalimar Place
Sheehan Crescent
Shelby Court
Sheoak Court
Sheppard Street
Sherif Street
Shorthorn Court
Shropshire Place
Sibley Court
Sidney Court
Simmental Crescent
Simmental Place
Skene Street
Slee Street
Smith Street
Smythe Street
Sobraon Street
Sofra Drive
Solar Court
Somer Avenue
Somerset Court
Southdown Street
Spivey Street
Springcrest Drive
St Andrews Road
Stanley Street
Stewart Street
St Georges Road
Stirling Court
Strauss Avenue
Streeton Drive
Studebaker Court
Sturt Street
Sunbury Road
Sunlight Court
Sunray Court
Sunrise Court
Sunset Court
Sun Valley Drive
Sunview Street
Surrey Court
Sutcliffe Street
Sutherland Avenue
Sutton Road
Swallow Street
Swan Court
Talinga Crescent
Tarcoola Drive
Tassone Court
Tecoma Court
Telford Drive
Thames Street
The Boulevard
Thomas Court
Thompson Street
Thornbury Court
Thorn Court
Tilton Street
Tobias Court
Tokay Court
Tom Collins Drive
Tonkin Court
Toorak Terrace
Trudgen Street
Tukidale Place
Tumut Court
Twisden Court
Tyquin Street
Union Lane
Varcoe Street
Vaughan Street
Vermont Street
Verney Road
Vicki Court
Victoria Road
Victoria Road
Victoria Street
Village Drive
Wakool Court
Walnut Court
Waltham Place
Wanganui Road
Wantirna Street
Waranga Street
Ware Court
Warren Court
Warwick Court
Waters Road
Watson Street
Weddell Street
Welsford Street
Wentworth Street
Westminster Avenue
Westmoreland Crescent
Westmorland Crescent
Wheeler Street
Wheller Road
Whiteley Court
Whitfield Court
Wileya Street
Williams Road
Wills Street
Wilmot Road
Wilson Court
Wimmera Drive
Windsor Avenue
Winston Street
Wintersun Court
Wisteria Court
Woodburn Place
Woodstock Street
Wright Avenue
Wyndham Street
Yarra Court
Yorkshire Crescent
Young Court
Youngs Track
Zurcas Lane

Other Localities with Postcode 3630