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Sunbury (VIC 3429) Suburb Information

Sales History for Sunbury (VIC 3429)

Yearly Sales Information

(Please note that sales history may not be available for every year.)
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Streets in Sunbury (VIC 3429)

Abelia Court
Acacia Court
Acheron Court
Adams Court
Agar Place
Ailsa Court
Ainsdale Court
Aitken Street
Albemarle Drive
Albert Road
Alderman Close
Aldridge Drive
Alexander Court
Alexander Drive
Alexander Drive
Allen Court
Alpaca Drive
Alpine Close
Amity Place
Anderson Road
Angas Court
Angelas Way
Annois Court
Anthony Street
Aragon Crescent
Archer Avenue
Ardcloney Drive
Ardoch Court
Argyle Place
Arran Court
Ash Court
Ashton Court
Ashton Street
Atkinson Close
Atlanta Close
Augusta Close
Auld Court
Austin Court
Autumn Street
Ayrshire Street
Backhaus Avenue
Baggygreen Street
Baker Rise
Balbethan Drive
Ballet Crescent
Balliol Common
Balmoral Circuit
Baltusrol Close
Bamal Street
Band Street
Banksia Court
Bannermann Street
Bannon Avenue
Baradine Court
Barkly Street
Barlow Street
Barnes Place
Barolo Loop
Barrington Lane
Barton Street
Barwick Road
Bass Court
Bates Court
Batman Avenue
Battery Court
Beckview Crescent
Bell Court
Belleview Drive
Benaud Place
Bennett Court
Bennett Street
Berrydale Road
Betula Terrace
Bindweed Street
Birchwood Place
Birkdale Court
Bishops Way
Blackie Lane
Blackman Close
Blackwood Place
Blaxland Drive
Blind Creek Boulevard
Bluebush Court
Bluegum Way
Bluestone Street
Blue Wren Way
Blyton Crescent
Bohemian Road
Bolt Place
Bonnor Street
Bonny Brae Court
Boon Court
Border Boulevard
Bowen Court
Bowerbird Place
Bowser Road
Boxelder Street
Boxwood Court
Boyd Court
Brack Court
Bradman Drive
Braemar Court
Branigan Court
Brett Court
Briarwood Court
Bridle Street
Brierly Court
Brigade Street
Brook Street
Broomfield Avenue
Bruce Court
Bubeck Street
Buckingham Place
Buckland Way
Buckley Road
Buckmaster Street
Budburst Drive
Bundanoon Avenue
Bundoran Court
Burge Crescent
Burge Drive
Burke Road
Burnham Court
Burnham Crescent
Bush Place
Bushranger Drive
Buster Street
Buvelot Place
Buxton Place
Cadell Court
Cain Street
Caithness Close
Caitlyn Street
Calder Freeway
Calder In-Gap Ramp Off
Calder In-Vineyard Ramp Off
Calder Out-Gap Ramp Off
Calder Out-Mundy Ramp Off
Callander Close
Campestre Drive
Cannington Grove
Cannon Court
Canterbury Avenue
Capek Street
Carey Court
Carla View
Carla Views
Carlson Street
Carnarvon Court
Carnoustie Drive
Carrington Court
Carrington Court
Casey Avenue
Casuarina Court
Cathkin Close
Cattlecrossing Way
Cattlecrossing Way
Cattle Crossing Way
Cattle Crossing Way
Cava Circuit
Cawl Court
Cellar Circuit
Chappell Court
Chard Place
Chariot Walk
Charles Street
Charter Road East
Charter Road West
Chateau Drive
Chateau Rise
Cherry Hills Court
Chestnut Way
Chicola Close
Chifley Court
Childs Road
Churchill Place
Circular Drive
Citriodora Circle
Citriodora Circuit
City Views
Claret Ash Drive
Clark Court
Clarke Court
Clyde Court
Clydesdale Way
Coates Court
Cobblestone Lane
College Place
Collie Walk
Collins Street
Commerce Court
Condor Place
Cook Court
Cool Street
Coppelius Close
Coppelius Court
Cornish Street
Correa Way
Cotter Place
Couangalt Road
Counihan Street
Counsel Court
Courtney Drive
Cover Drive
Cowper Court
Cowper Crescent
Crawford Way
Crinnion Road
Crosbie Court
Cumberland Chase
Cuming Place
Curtin Drive
Curtis Avenue
Cutajar Crescent
Cypress Point Court
Dacakis Lane
Dadswell Court
Dalkeith Court
Dalrymple Road
Daly Close
Darbyshire Street
Dargie Court
Darling Court
Darryn Court
Darwin Street
Davenport Drive
Davies Court
Dawes Court
Dawn Court
Deakin Street
Delia Avenue
De Lisle Avenue
Denison Court
Denman Court
Deveny Road
Deverall Road
Devon Park Close
Dichondra Way
Dobell Avenue
Doig Place
Dolan Court
Donelly Close
Dornoch Drive
Doutney Court
Dowling Court
Drill Court
Drover Street
Drysdale Street
Dulverton Court
Duncraig Grove
Dundas Avenue
Dunrossil Drive
Durack Court
Dutch Road
Dyson Drive
Eadie Street
Eaglehawk Road
Eaglehawk Street
Earlington Crescent
Eighnane Valley Way
Eileens Way
Elizabeth Avenue
Elizabeth Drive
Emma Court
Emu Road
Enterprize Drive
Errington Place
Ervine Close
Eton Close
Evans Arcade
Evans Street
Eyre Street
Fadden Grove
Fairbairn Grove
Farrier Court
Fawcett Place
Fawkner Street
Fellview Crescent
Felton Avenue
Fenchurch Street
Fentonhill Parade
Fernshaw Place
Ferris Street
Fiat Way
Filly Circuit
Finch Lane
Fingleton Crescent
Firestone Court
Fisher Court
Fitzroy Street
Flamingo Parade
Fleming Court
Flinders Street
Florence Lane
Flycatcher Road
Flycatcher Way
Forde Court
Forrest Street
Forster Court
Fowler Walk
Fox Court
Fox Hollow Drive
Fragrant Street
Francis Boulevard
Fraser Court
Freddie Street
Frederick Street
Fremantle Road
Friesian Drive
Frontignac Court
Fulham Way
Fullbrook Drive
Fuller Court
Fullwood Drive
Gabbo Court
Galaxy Way
Ganton Court
Gap-Calder In Ramp On
Gap-Calder Out Ramp On
Gap Road
Garage Lane
Gardanne Court
Gardanne Grove
Gellies Road
Geranium Drive
Gibbons Street
Gibson Court
Giffen Place
Gilchrist Crescent
Gill Place
Ginnala Road
Glastonbury Drive
Glenauburn Court
Gleneagles Drive
Godrich Street
Golf Links Drive
Gordon Street
Gorton Court
Goshawk Road
Gosse Court
Gowrie Court
Grand Ridge Way
Grapeview Grove
Graze Road
Greenhill Court
Gregory Court
Grenache Court
Grey Court
Grout Court
Gruner Street
Gullane Drive
Gurners Lane
Hadlow Court
Haines Court
Hammermill Drive
Hammersmith Court
Hanke Place
Harbison Lane
Harcombe Drive
Harcourt Close
Harker Street
Harrow Street
Harvard Court
Hasluck Court
Hatfield Court
Hawkins Court
Haxton Court
Healy Avenue
Heatherbrae Crescent
Henty Court
Herbert Crescent
Hereford Street
Heysen Drive
Higgins Avenue
Higgs Circuit
Highbridge Crescent
Highdale Close
Highgrove Drive
Highlands Court
Hill Grove
Hilltop Court
Hirst Court
Hobson Court
Hoffsted Way
Hogan Street
Holland Road
Holloway Close
Holt Street
Homestead Way
Hood Crescent
Hopbush Avenue
Horan Place
Horne Street
Hotham Court
Hoya Place
Hoylake Court
Hughes Court
Hume Street
Huntsville Street
Iredale Promenade
Ironbark Drive
Isaacs Close
Isabella Street
Jackson Street
Jamaican Road
Jamaican Roads
James Close
Jardine Crescent
Jelimar Court
Jersey Drive
John Street
Jumbuck Way
June Street
Juniper Lane
Kakoda Drive
Karinya Court
Kathryn Court
Kavel Court
Keeper Street
Keith Avenue
Kelbourne Grove
Kelly Street
Kelpie Walk
Kemp Place
Kendall Court
Kenthill Court
Kenway Street
Kereford Place
Kerri Court
Kerrisdale Place
Keswick Rise
Kingsley Drive
Kintore Close
Kippax Street
Kismet Road
Knightsbridge Street
Knox Court
Kokoda Drive
Konagaderra Road
Kookaburra Close
Koora Drive
Koriella Drive
Kostas Avenue
Kostas Street
Kurrle Road
Lachlan Court
Lakes Drive
Lalor Crescent
Lambert Avenue
Lampton Way
Lancefield Road
Landsborough Drive
Landscape Place
Langport Crescent
La Perouse Close
Lark Court
Lassiter Street
Latrobe Court
Laureate Close
Laurel Court
Lauriston Walk North
Lauriston Walk South
Lauriston Way
Lavender Lane
Lawrence Avenue
Lawson Street
Learmonth Street
Leichardt Street
Leith Court
Lennox Court
Leroy Street
Lewin Street
Lewis Place
Ligar Street
Light Court
Light Horse Circuit
Light Horse Crescent
Lightwood Drive
Lindis Court
Lindrick Court
Lindsay Avenue
Lindwall Street
Link Arcade
Liquidamber Way
Lister Crescent
Lock Court
Logan Court
Lollipop Crescent
Lone Pine Way
Longacre Avenue
Long Drive
Longmire Court
Longstaff Way
Longtan Avenue
Lorikeet Lane
Lory Circuit
Louis Way
Luana Lane
Lyons Court
Lytham Court
Lyttelton Place
MacDonald Court
MacDonald Place
Macedon Street
Machine Street
Magdalene Court
Magdelene Court
Maguire Drive
Maiden Drive
Malbec Court
Mallee Court
Manfred Court
Manna Gum Close
Manning Court
Manolive Court
Manrico Court
March Way
Marjorie Avenue
Marl Close
Marshall Close
Marsh Crescent
Martens Court
Marylebone Street
Massie Circuit
Matt Walk
Mawson Court
Mayfin Court
May Grove
McCabe Crescent
McComb Street
McCosker Street
McCubbin Court
Mc Dougall Road
McDougall Road
McEwan Place
McEwen Drive
McEwen Place
McGeorge Court
McGill Court
McGregor Road
McInnes Close
McKell Avenue
McLean Court
McMahon Court
Meare Street
Medinah Close
Melba Avenue
Meldrum Court
Mellon Court
Menzies Drive
Mere Court
Merion Court
Merlot Grove
Merton Close
Mighty Road
Milan Court
Milkmaids Street
Miller Street
Milne Street
Mitchells Lane
Molvig Rise
Monash Court
Montego Boulevard
Monterey Court
Moore Road
Morris Court
Mounsey Court
Mountain Ash Drive
Mount Drive
Mountview Crescent
Mowbray Court
Mudie Avenue
Muirfield Drive
Mullins Crescent
Mullins Way
Munch Place
Mundy-Calder In Ramp On
Mundy Road
Murdoch Court
Muscat Court
Mustang Place
Nambour Drive
Narani Court
Neill Street
Nichol Street
Nimo Court
Nira Drive
Noble Way
Nolan Court
Norah Street
Norfolk Grove
Norling Mews
Norman Avenue
Notre Dame Drive
Nottinghill Rise
Oakdale Lane
Oakmont Court
Obeid Drive
Obrien Street
O'Brien Street
Ochre Place
Officer Court
Old Bakery Walk
Oldbury Avenue
Old Riddell Road
Old Vineyard Road
Old Winery Road
Olive Grove
Olivia Drive
Olivia Drive
Olivia Street
Olson Place
Omalley Court
O Malley Court
Oneill Place
O'Neill Place
Orchardview Grove
Oreilly Court
Oreilly Crescent
Origin Circuit
Origin Circuit
Origin Drive
Origin Drive
Oshanassy Street
O Shanassy Street
Oswin Court
Outlook Drive
Outlook Way
Ovens Court
Owl Place
Oxford Close
Oxley Street
Paddock Circuit
Paddock Court
Pads Way
Page Place
Palmatum Street
Palmer Road
Palmers Road
Palomino Drive
Panoramic Place
Paperbark Avenue
Parade Court
Parkes Court
Park Lane
Parklea Court
Parkview Drive
Pasley Street
Pavillion Circuit
Pebble Beach Court
Peggy Street
Penina Court
Peppercorn Lane
Perceval Street
Peterhouse Court
Phillip Drive
Pidgeon Court
Pimelea Street
Pinot Court
Pinto Way
Piping Lane
Pipit Way
Plante Court
Plate Street
Platypus Court
Plough Street
Pollard Place
Ponsford Place
Portmarnock Court
Portree Court
Possum Tail Run
Powlett Street
Prendergast Road
President Boulevard
President Boulevard
President Road
Preston Street
Priorswood Way
Prospect Court
Protea Court
Pugh Court
Queens Court
Quinta Crescent
Racecourse Road
Raes Road
Rainbow Court
Raine Court
Ramsay Court
Ranleigh Rise
Reddan Court
Redpath Court
Red Robin Lane
Redstone Hill Road
Rees Road
Regent Street
Reghon Drive
Reiffel Avenue
Renton Court
Reservoir Road
Retallick Street
Retreat Crescent
Rhye Street
Rice Court
Richardson Avenue
Riddell Road
Ridgeview Court
Rigby Place
Ritchie Court
Rivergum Place
Riverview Terrace
Roberts Court
Robinia Lane
Rogers Court
Rolling Meadows Drive
Ronald Court
Rosapenna Close
Roseberry Avenue
Rosenthal Boulevard
Ross Court
Rover Street
Rubicon Court
Rubrum Road
Rupertsdale Road
Rupertsdale Street
Ruthven Street
Ruyton Court
Ryder Street
Sacred Drive
Sacred Road
Saddlers Lane
Salesian Court
Saleyard Lane
Saltash Court
Sambell Road
Sandleford Court
Sandpiper Grove
Sassafras Drive
Sauvignon Court
Saxonwood Drive
Saxonwood Lane
Schoolhouse Lane
Scotch Court
Scott Street
Scullin Court
Seagull Place
Sebastian Place
Sedel Walk
Semillon Court
Senkaki Street
Sentry Street
Settlement Road
Settlement Road West
Settlers Way
Severino Place
Shaw Court
Sheaf Street
Sheilds Street
Shepherds Lane
Sherwood Court
Shetland Way
Shields Street
Shiraz Court
Short Walk
Silkyoak Grove
Silky Oak Grove
Silo Avenue
Silo Street
Simpson Avenue
Skye Court
Slater Court
Slim Court
Sloan Court
Snakebark Road
Solomon Court
Somerset Street
Sorbonne Drive
Sorrel Circuit
Spaces Street
Spavin Drive
Spearglass Court
Speargrass Court
Spinebill Street
Spinosa Road
Spyglass Court
Spy Glass Court
Stables Street
Stackpole Crescent
St Andrews Court
Stanford Court
Starflower Way
Starkie Road
Station Street
Stawell Street
Stewarts Lane
Stirrup Way
St Mellion Close
Stockfeld Street
Stockwell Drive
Stonehaven Close
Strachen Court
Stratford Close
Strathearn Drive
Streeton Court
Streeton Road
Stringer Court
St Ronans Court
Sturt Street
Sugargum Way
Sullivans Road
Sunbrook Court
Sunbury Road
Sunish Court
Sunningdale Avenue
Sunny Street
Sunview Court
Supper Street
Sussex Court
Sweep Court
Swift Parrot Close
Swift Street
Syme Court
Tabor Court
Talbot Place
Tanner Place
Tanninbrae Drive
Tarrango Court
Tasman Court
Tatarian Road
Teal Court
Tennyson Court
Terence Street
The Avenue
The Avenue Avenue
The Avenue Road
The Barb
The Cotswolds
The Glade
The Granary
The Heights
The Hermitage
The Link
The Mews
The Oaks
The Old Stock Run
The Old Stock Run
The Parkway
The Rise
The Skyline
The Strand
The Trump Close
The Trump Close
The Village Green
Thornton Avenue
Timbertop Road
Timins Street
Timms Court
Torres Court
Towerbridge Rise
Tower Court
Tracie Court
Treefern Drive
Treeviolet Court
Tree Violet Court
Trevaskis Street
Trinity Court
Troon Court
Trooper Avenue
Trott Street
Trumper Crescent
Tulsa Drive
Turnberry Drive
Turner Court
Twin Creek Court
Underhill Court
Valley View Crescent
Vaughan Street
Verdelho Court
View Terrace
Vineyard-Calder In Ramp On
Vineyard-Calder Out Ramp On
Vineyard Road
Wagtail Place
Wainewright Court
Wallaby Walk
Waller Court
Walton Heath Court
Wanderer Road
Waterloo Rise
Watersprite Boulevard
Watsons Road
Wattle Drive
Waugh Street
Webb Court
Wedmore Crescent
Wellington Mews
Welter Street
Wentworth Court
Wesley Court
Westall Close
Westall Court
Westminster Grove
Westward Ho Drive
Wheeler Court
Whitechapel Way
Whitehall Court
Whitty Lane
Wicket Street
Wilcox Lane
Wildflower Drive
Wileman Road
Williamsons Road
Williams Rise
Wills Street
Wilsons Lane
Windarra Court
Windmill Avenue
Windsor Rise
Winged Foot Court
Winilba Road
Wirilda Court
Withers Close
Woodfield Place
Woodstock Close
Wright Court
Xavier Court
Yabby Avenue
Yale Court
Yallop Crescent
Yarck Court
Yardley Street
Yellow Gum Boulevard
Yellow Wood Close
Yirrangan Road
York Place

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