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Tarneit (VIC 3029) Suburb Information

Sales History for Tarneit (VIC 3029)

Yearly Sales Information

(Please note that sales history may not be available for every year.)
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Other Sales History Information

Median Sales Prices for Tarneit (VIC 3029)

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Streets in Tarneit (VIC 3029)

Abbotswood Drive
Aberdeen Way
Ackerman Avenue
Adavale Amble
Addison Avenue
Addison Close
Adina Street
Admiral Court
Adrian Circuit
Agate Drive
Agave Street
Alec Court
Alfred Park Drive
Alice Way
Allambie Street
Alsace Avenue
Alverstone Court
Amaryllis Parade
Amelie Parade
Amsterdam Avenue
Andie Way
Angove Drive
Ankuri Road
Annies Way
Anvil Court
Applegate Crescent
Archie Street
Argus Court
Arizona Crescent
Arkins Circuit
Armadale Court
Ashwood Boulevard
Atrium Crescent
Atrium Drive
Attorney Place
Autumn Fields Circuit
Azure Drive
Babele Road
Baden Powell Drive
Balladong Crescent
Ballantine Street
Bandicoot Loop
Baratta Road
Barrangi Drive
Barron Street
Basalt Lane
Basinview Drive
Bassendean Court
Beachmere Street
Beagle Street
Bearberry Street
Becard Way
Beckworth Boulevard
Begonia Road
Belinda Way
Bellworth Avenue
Beltana Avenue
Berowa Street
Berrimah Place
Bethany Road
Bianca Boulevard
Bilga Walk
Billabong Crescent
Birdsong Glade
Bishop Close
Blackbird Street
Blaze Terrace
Blue Jay Crescent
Blush Terrace
Bogart Road
Bombala Street
Bonica Street
Bonita Avenue
Borboleta Street
Boundary Road
Boyne Street
Bracken Close
Bradley Grove
Bradman Drive
Brentwood Drive
Briar Court
Briggs Way
Brighter Avenue
Brimstone Drive
Brinbrook Street
Brookwood Street
Brydie Street
Bunjil Way
Bunnorong Street
Burton Avenue
Butterfly Boulevard
Cadell Avenue
Calita Avenue
Camellia Court
Camelot Drive
Camphora Street
Canunda Way
Caracara Lane
Caraleena Drive
Carbine Avenue
Cassell Street
Castleton Avenue
Cathedral Court
Cecilia Court
Cedarwood Court
Cepora Road
Ceratta Crescent
Chadway Avenue
Chantelle Parade
Chatham Avenue
Cheer Terrace
Cherokee Place
Chervil Street
Chesterton Avenue
Chiswick Court
Chlorinda Road
Chloris Court
Christopher Lane
Chrysalis Avenue
Cindia Crescent
Cityview Crescent
Claire Way
Clarafield Crescent
Claret Ash Court
Cloverdale Road
Cobram Street
Cockatoo Court
Cohen Avenue
Columbia Street
Conargo Avenue
Connells Street
Connery Street
Conondale Street
Conran Street
Conservation Drive
Conway Street
Coolart Close
Copeton Avenue
Corfu Avenue
Cornelia Street
Cornus Drive
Cottesloe Boulevard
Cottonfield Way
Creekwood Court
Crissa Street
Crossway Avenue
Crown Court
Cutleaf Crescent
Cyclic Way
Daintree Boulevard
Damask Drive
Danfield Drive
David John Drive
Davis Road
Delancey Street
Delias Road
Derrimut Road
Destiny Lane
Devon Lane
Discovery Drive
Dohertys Road
Doubleview Avenue
Douglas Way
Dragonfly Court
Duck Haven Place
Dunaway Boulevard
Dunraven Drive
Dusky Crescent
Dylan Street
Eagleridge Promenade
Easy Way
Ebony Way
Echo Avenue
Edgevale Way
Edmund Drive
Edsall Street
Eleni Place
Elsey Crescent
Elsmore Street
Elvire Street
Embleton Avenue
Emma Drive
Emperor Parade
Equine Court
Equinox Close
Eramosa Lane
Esquire Place
Essex Court
Eucla Street
Evadene Drive
Eventide Avenue
Faircroft Place
Fairlane Court
Fairview Parade
Farfalla Way
Felicity Drive
Felix Way
Fieldstone Place
Finchley Park Crescent
Firelight Drive
Flora Way
Flower Gum Crescent
Fluture Court
Forest Place
Foxfield Way
Frances Browne Way
Francesca Lane
Frawley Court
Fresh View Drive
Gale Avenue
Garden View Drive
Gard Road
Garig Way
Garnet Street
Garry Drive
Genesis Place
Geoffrey Terrace
Gertrude Court
Gianni Court
Gigi Avenue
Giofches Crescent
Giselle Grove
Glasswing Street
Gleneagles Avenue
Goddard Street
Golden Square Crescent
Gold Street
Governor Close
Grand Place
Granya Street
Grassdart Street
Greenleaf Circuit
Gretel Way
Gribbin Street
Grove Street
Gumleaf Road
Gurig Street
Habitat Court
Hamish Drive
Hampshire Court
Harmony Drive
Harrington Avenue
Heartlands Boulevard
Henbury Street
Hepburn Street
Hermitage Drive
Hester Street
Heston Avenue
Hidden Valley Drive
Highland Place
Hilda Street
Hiltaba Walk
Hobbs Road
Hogans Road
Hollows Circuit
Homestead Avenue
Homewood Entrance
Honeyeater Court
Hope Way
Hopkins Road
Houghton Avenue
Howe Street
Hummingbird Boulevard
Impression Avenue
Indigo Court
Ingot Avenue
Inverell Parkway
Isabella Way
Isdell Street
Jacob Court
Jefferson Street
Jeremy Street
Jersey Court
Jewel Terrace
Jezebel Way
Jordyn Street
Josebury Road
Joybells Crescent
Juliet Avenue
Kalara Court
Kalorama Street
Kambah Street
Katawa Street
Kayla Avenue
Kelebek Road
Kenning Road
Kensington Drive
Kerlin Crescent
Kingbird Avenue
Kinnear Avenue
Kinta Lane
Kippilaw Lane
Kirrama Street
Knightsbridge Drive
Kulin Drive
Lago Street
Lamington Drive
Lansdowne Parade
Larissa Street
Larson Avenue
Lauderdale Drive
Laurel Avenue
Laurence Way
Laurina Avenue
Lavinia Drive
Leakes Road
Leanyer Street
Leatherwood Drive
Leda Drive
Liam Avenue
Lilyturf Drive
Limelight Street
Lindeman Street
Lindrum Outlook
Lockyer Court
Lofty Road
Loma Court
Lookout Way
Loretta Boulevard
Loxton Street
Lucia Avenue
Lucy Close
Lynbridge Crescent
MacLean Court
Madigan Street
Maintop Way
Malachite Drive
Mallina Glen
Mandora Grange
Manna Gum Drive
Manning Circuit
Mapleton Way
Marengo Street
Mariposa Way
Mark Drive
Maryann Way
Mawson Place
Mazel Drive
McKillop Place
McMahon Crescent
Meadowview Way
Meadow Way
Mecca Court
Megan Way
Melba Mews
Melpomene Boulevard
Melville Street
Mercantour Boulevard
Mercedes Drive
Mesa Street
Micarey Court
Millendon Boulevard
Mintarra Road
Mirima Street
Mirror Avenue
Mist Way
Mockingbird Street
Monaro Street
Monique Way
Montia Street
Monument Drive
Moondara Street
Moonlight Place
Moorookyle Avenue
Morris Road
Mt Atkinson Road
Mulgra View
Narrabeen Street
Navy Street
Newstead Street
Nightfall Way
Nighthawk Road
Ningaloo Street
Noah Way
Northbridge Drive
Nottingham Crescent
Nullamanna Lane
Oak Leaf Court
Obsidian Avenue
Ochre Place
Oldbury Grange
Olivia Rise
Onyx Way
Oreilly Road
Pandelis Boulevard
Papillon Parade
Parklea Way
Parvana Drive
Passion Crescent
Pauline Way
Paulo Street
Pegasus Court
Penrose Promenade
Peregrine Court
Perrin Circuit
Pilotbird Way
Pindaroi Court
Pinjar Avenue
Pipit Court
Pistachia Drive
Poplar Boulevard
Primrose Place
Pringreen Court
Prism Street
Prominence Boulevard
Prospect Drive
Purnulu Way
Quartz Way
Radiance Street
Rainbow Way
Rainone Place
Ramona Court
Reade Court
Rebecca Promenade
Red Blaze Place
Redcliffe Parade
Redstart Lane
Reflections Boulevard
Reginato Court
Ribbon Gum Drive
Rider Court
Rifflebird Drive
Riley Terrace
Rippleside Terrace
Risdon Circuit
Rising Sun Parade
Riversdale Drive
Rockbank Court
Rosamond Avenue
Rosebud Street
Rose Grange Boulevard
Rosehall Street
Rosemont Court
Rosewood Place
Royal Oaks Drive
Rubida Street
Rustic Way
Safari Drive
Said Parade
Samantha Court
Samaria Street
Sandalwood Circuit
Sandleford Way
Sandover Street
Sayers Road
Scarborough Court
Seasons Boulevard
Seaton Court
Secret Garden Way
Selbourne Avenue
Senegal Way
Serene Street
Serengeti Circuit
Serenity Way
Settlement Road
Sewells Road
Shanahans Road
Sherlock Avenue
Sherwood Street
Silkwood Boulevard
Silver Birch Lane
Sinclair Crescent
Skipper Road
Skylark Court
Snowbridge Road
Soaring Road
Solander Grove
Solar Court
Solitaire Way
Southerly Place
Spring Haven Boulevard
Springleaf Road
Stan Drive
Stannifer Street
Starling Avenue
Steamer Street
Sterling Mews
St James Wood Drive
St Lukes Road
St Margarets Court
St Michael Drive
St Nicholas Court
St Patricks Place
St Peter Court
Stroud Glen
Style Way
Summer Court
Summerhill Street
Sundial Boulevard
Sunset Views Boulevard
Susan Place
Sussex Court
Sutherland Court
Swordgrass Avenue
Tableland Road
Tahlee Road
Talisker Street
Tallinga Street
Tamlyn Avenue
Tammy Lane
Taneit Road
Tansy Street
Tarlo Drive
Tarneit Road
Tarragon Drive
Tarton Street
Tavor Street
Tenterfield Place
Terminus Street
Terrick Street
Teton Street
Thames Boulevard
The Parkway
Thomas Carr Drive
Thwaites Road
Timberside Drive
Tingha Lane
Tomago Street
Toucan Road
Tourmaline Street
Tranquil Place
Transit Place
Travellers Way
Treeside Drive
Trinity Place
Troups Road South
Turon Way
Turva Avenue
Twilight Place
Tyler Crescent
Verona Avenue
Vesper Avenue
Vive Street
Vivid Court
Waight Court
Waimea Crescent
Waldburg Grove
Walter Street
Watagan Street
Wattlebrush Court
Welford Street
Wendy Way
Werribee River Trail
West End Place
Westwood Street
Whyalla Gardens
Wickford Road
Wilandra Drive
Wildunn Court
Wildwood Place
Wilmington Avenue
Windward Close
Wing Circuit
Winona Circuit
Woodhall Place
Woodlands Street
Woolybush Drive
Wootten Road
Yanga Avenue
Yaralla Street
Yaringa Street
Yoga Way
York Avenue
Yvonne Way
Zambezi Street
Zara Avenue
Zelkova Court
Zeri Drive
Zetland Way
Zion Avenue
Zizina Avenue

Other Localities with Postcode 3029