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Thomastown (VIC 3074) Suburb Information

Sales History for Thomastown (VIC 3074)

Yearly Sales Information

(Please note that sales history may not be available for every year.)
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Other Sales History Information

Streets in Thomastown (VIC 3074)

Latitude Boulevard
Lawson Crescent
Leila Court
Leilani Grove
Lena Court
Leslie Street
Liberty Place
Lilydale Court
Lincoln Drive
Lindley Court
Linton Drive
Lionel Street
Lipton Drive
Lira Court
Lisa Court
Lockton Avenue
Lockwood Grove
Loddon Court
Lois Court
Long Street
Longview Court
Lucknow Crescent
Macquarie Drive
Madera Drive
Mahoneys Road
Main Street
Maitland Close
Manton Court
Maple Street
Marcia Street
Maritana Crescent
Marjory Street
Marlock Close
Maryland Close
Matlock Court
McKimmies Road
McKinnon Street
McLeod Street
McPhee Court
Meagan Close
Melaleuca Drive
Mercedes Drive
Merchant Avenue
Metropolitan Ring In-Dalton Ramp Off
Metropolitan Ring In-Edgars Ramp Off
Metropolitan Ring In-Hume Ramp
Metropolitan Ring Out-Dalton Ramp Off
Metropolitan Ring Out-Edgars Ramp Off
Metropolitan Ring Out-Hume Ramp
Metropolitan Ring Road
Metropolitan Ring Road Path
Michelle Close
Michigan Terrace
Middle Court
Midholm Court
Milford Street
Milgrove Avenue
Millgrove Avenue
Milne Street
Miriam Street
Moonah Court
Mount View Road
Mulga Street
Murchison Way
Mustang Lane
Myrtle Street
Natalie Court
Neerim Street
Network Drive
Nevin Drive
Newhaven Street
Newton Street
Noel Court
Norlane Court
Norman Grove
Norris Crescent
Northey Close
Northgate Drive
Norwich Avenue
Oakdale Place
Olinda Close
Omega Court
Orchid Avenue
Ostia Court
Owen Court
Oxford Drive
Pallant Avenue
Palm Street
Pamela Court
Pandora Avenue
Parklands Drive
Patrick Street
Patrona Street
Pelmet Crescent
Philip Court
Phillip Street
Pine Street
Pinewood Drive
Pioneer Court