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Truganina (VIC 3029) Suburb Information

Sales History for Truganina (VIC 3029)

Yearly Sales Information

(Please note that sales history may not be available for every year.)
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Other Sales History Information

Median Sales Prices for Truganina (VIC 3029)

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Streets in Truganina (VIC 3029)

Abbeydale Street
Abbington Drive
Abu Road
Acotango Avenue
Activity Drive
Agar Drive
Aglow Street
Ajax Street
Akkersley Drive
Alaska Road
Alba Way
Alberfeldie Drive
Alcock Road
Aldan Way
Ali Court
Alison Street
Aliso Street
Allan Court
Allcrest Way
Alps Way
Alstonville Avenue
Altamount Drive
Altar Street
Alter Street
Altezze Drive
Altis Street
Alutu Road
Amak Grove
Amiata Drive
Amity Way
Andara Street
Andes Street
Andretti Court
Andrew Road
Andromeda Avenue
Angaston Way
Angel Street
Annafee Avenue
Annapurna Crescent
Annapurna Street
Annick Crescent
Apex Drive
Aphrodite Drive
Appalachian Street
Aquarius Street
Aquaruis Street
Archer Road
Arion Road
Armour Court
Armour Street
Arnott Street
Arthur Close
Artichoke Lane
Artichoke Lane
Artichoke Walk
Assumption Close
Astra Avenue
Athena Place
Australis Drive
Avion Crescent
Award Crescent
Axiom Drive
Axle Drive
Aylesbury Avenue
Bakewell Crescent
Banfield Court
Barandon Court
Barchester Avenue
Barlow Crescent
Barmera Way
Barnsley Street
Barooga Terrace
Beartooth Road
Beatty Avenue
Begg Avenue
Bellevue Drive
Belvedere Drive
Benin Way
Berkshire Avenue
Betinick Road
Bianco Place
Bighorn Road
Bimberi Street
Birchmore Circuit
Blackall Street
Blake Court
Blanchett Road
Bloomfield Place
Boardman Street
Bodmin Court
Bodnat Street
Bolcarra Grove
Bolivar Esplanade
Bolte Drive
Bonview Circuit
Borough Close
Borough Lane
Borough Walk
Bossini Street
Boswell Place
Botanical Drive
Botero Place
Boulder Avenue
Boundary Road
Bowerbird Place
Boyce Street
Bradshaw Street
Braemar Street
Braid Court
Bramford Crescent
Branagh Walk
Bratan Way
Bridgewater Way
Bridlepath Drive
Brigalow Drive
Brightly Boulevard
Brodrick Way
Bronzewing Street
Broombush Court
Brunswick Drive
Bunsen Way
Burbidge Street
Burbridge Street
Burdock Walk
Bursaria Drive
Bushel Way
Bushfield Road
Cabarita Street
Calarco Drive
Calendar Place
Callanish Street
Camini Grove
Cammisi Way
Cammiss Way
Cammis Way
Canary Close
Canvas Street
Capricorn Road
Caradon Drive
Carbury Court
Carisbrook Circuit
Carmen Street
Carpathians Street
Casablanca Court
Caucasus Street
Caulonia Drive
Challans Street
Champion Court
Chapel Road
Chartwell Avenue
Chaucer Crescent
Cheviot Drive
Chopin Road
Choy Street
Christies Road
Cinel Court
Circuit Drive
Circuit Way
Citation Street
Clara Avenue
Claydon Grove
Clayfield Boulevard
Clayton Grove
Clayton Grove
Clearwater Rise Parade
Clearwood Drive
Clovelly Circuit
Clutha Way
Codrington Road
Colachi Road
Colorado Street
Colt Mews
Combine Drive
Comet Avenue
Commercial Drive
Companion Street
Compton Street
Connect Road
Conondale Avenue
Constellation Circuit
Conteve Way
Coreen Court
Corinna Avenue
Cornell Road
Coronado Crescent
Corporation Way
Corriedale Avenue
Corundum Lane
Corvo Drive
Corymbia Court
Cottee Road
Cotter Way
County Place
Covers Lane
Covers Lane
Cowes Street
Craig Close
Crestwood Drive
Cropley Lane
Crosby Street
Crossdale Avenue
Custodian Way
Cuthbert Avenue
Dalessandro Court
Dalwood Court
Dana Drive
Dana Drive
Dana Parade
Davallia Street
Daybreak Circuit
Daybreak Circuit
Daybreak Way
Degraves Road
Delivery Drive
Dempsey Avenue
Denali Road
Dennerley Way
Derrimut Drive
Derrimut Road
Devitt Place
Dewpond Drive
Diran Way
Distinction Crescent
Distribution Drive
Dobson Grove
Dohertys Road
Dolomites Drive
Doma Drive
Doma Drive
Doma Road
Doma Road
Dominion Terrace
Donahue Street
Doriemus Drive
Dorset Grove
Doubell Boulevard
Dover Street
Doyle Court
Drinkwater Street
Dromana Way
Duckworth Street
Dulverton Street
Dundee Way
Dunlevy Street
Dunlop Road
Dunmore Drive
Durell Road
Eastbourne Street
Eastwood Street
Echinacea Street
Edenbridge Way
Edenderry Street
Edmonton Avenue
Education Circuit
Efficient Drive
Elbert Street
Elbrus Street
Elderwood Avenue
Elland Circuit
Ellesmere Court
Ellesmere Way
Elmhurst Road
Elpis Boulevard
Elpis Boulevard
Elsham Grove
Elsternwick Street
Emerson Drive
Esprit Street
Esther Street
Europe Street
Evandale Drive
Everholme Drive
Everton Road
Faraday Court
Fastline Road
Faye Avenue
Federation Boulevard
Federation Trail
Felstead Drive
Felstead Road
Fenton Court
Ferriman Way
Fetlock Drive
Fielding Drive
Fields Way
Finders Circuit
Fiore Way
Fitzroy Road
Fleur Way
Ford Court
Forsyth Road
Fortitude Drive
Fortune Street
Fothergil Grove
Foundation Road
Founders Place
Fox Walk
Frank Avenue
Freemont Circuit
French Street
Freshbrook Avenue
Fuji Way
Gadwell Crescent
Galactic Way
Galeff Avenue
Gallop Court
Galmoy Place
Galmoy Place
Gambino Crescent
Ganesha Street
Gardiner Lane
Garran Street
Gascoyne Way
Gelston Street
Gemini Crescent
Genovesa Drive
Gerace Street
Gila Way
Gilbee Road
Gilbert Avenue
Gilchrist Way
Gilchrist Way
Gilpin Lane
Gingera Street
Ginini Street
Gipin Lane
Gladesville Street
Glasshouse Way
Glencoe Avenue
Glenfern Circuit
Goldsborough Road
Gould Walk
Graduate Street
Grand Boulevard
Greenfield Lane
Greigs Road
Grendon Street
Guilford Court
Guthrie Way
Hagley Street
Hambling Court
Hamila Place
Hanish Street
Harness Court
Harrow Place
Harry Court
Harvard Court
Haystack Drive
Healesville Road
Healy Drive
Hercules Drive
Hereford Avenue
Hermes Road
Hertali Street
Hertel Street
Heyfield Drive
Heygate Court
Higgins Way
Highline Boulevard
Himalayas Street
Hoffman Crescent
Holiday Court
Holland Crescent
Hollis Way
Holly Green Circuit
Hood Street
Hopewood Avenue
Hopkins Road
Hornsby Crescent
Horseradish Walk
Horseshoe Circuit
Horsetail Avenue
Huntley Terrace
Hyams Way
Infinity Drive
Integration Court
Integration Road
Integration Road
Intrepid Place
Ionica Loop
Ishalana Street
James Cook Drive
Jessica Way
Joanne Drive
Jourama Road
Jupiter Drive
Jura Street
Kalimna Way
Kallis Street
Kallis Street
Kangas Walk
Kapinga Street
Karas Street
Katoora Street
Keating Road
Keats Court
Kentwell Street
Khan Court
Kilcunda Drive
Kimba Circuit
Kindee Way
Kingsfield Way
Kinship Way
Kirkpatrick Boulevard
Kondalilla Drive
Konrads Court
Kotara Road
Kristini Place
Kula Way
Kwila Drive
Ladbroke Street
Lagoon Drive
Lambourne Avenue
Lamina Street
Lamongan Rise
Landscape Drive
Larnook Crescent
Latitude Promenade
Lavelle Way
Lawford Street
Layton Court
Lazor Street
Leader Street
Leafton Street
Leakes Road
Ledmore Street
Legacy Drive
Lena Crescent
Litoria Drive
Locksley Drive
Logic Court
Logistics Drive
Longan Street
Long Road
Lotus Lane
Lucerne Drive
Lucky Walk
Ludo Circuit
Lumbrook Parade
Lumiere Boulevard
Lygon Drive
Magnesium Place
Mainview Boulevard
Maker Place
Malanda Place
Mala Street
Maling Road
Malmaison Crescent
Malmesbury Avenue
Mangosteen Drive
Maplewood Circuit
Marden Street
Marquands Road
Marsh Drive
Martindale Terrace
Marwood Avenue
Masaya Avenue
Massawa Way
Mavron Avenue
Mayer Place
Mayfield Avenue
McDougall Place
McKinley Drive
Meadowcroft Drive
Meadowsweet Avenue
Memphis Drive
Mendoza Street
Merapi Grove
Mercy Street
Merivale Drive
Merribah Way
Merriweather Street
Meskos Road
Metroon Street
Michy Street
Middle Road
Midgard Street
Migdale Road
Milan Way
Mingay Close
Minter Court
Misty Meadow Grove
Mitcham Street
Monet Drive
Monfort Drive
Montemarte Drive
Montemarte Drive
Montezuma Avenue
Montgomery Drive
Montmarte Drive
Montvale Road
Moombil Road
Moorinna Way
Morris Road
Morse Street
Mosley Crescent
Motto Way
Mount Atkinson Road
Moussa Court
Moville Avenue
Mt Atkinson Road
Mt Derrimut Road
Murname Mews
Murnane Mews
Murnane Mews
Muse Boulevard
Myer Place
Myer Place
Nabro Street
Namadgi Crescent
Narada Road
National Drive
Neroli Crescent
Network Drive
Nevis Place
Nikson Drive
Nile Drive
Niton Drive
Nova Avenue
Nunn Avenue
Oakmont Court
Oats Way
Ohagan Way
Oliveto Avenue
Omaroo Street
Orlando Drive
Oxbow Walk
Page Street
Palmers Road
Panaia Boulevard
Paraweena Drive
Parkvista Drive
Parnell Place
Patchouli Street
Pauljoseph Way
Pazzano Mews
Pechora Street
Pendant Walk
Pendulam Street
Pendulum Street
Penlea Court
Pennyroyal Avenue
Penzance Street
Peony Street
Perennial Drive
Permas Way
Perpetual Street
Peterpaul Way
Petrolo Street
Picnic Street
Playfield Drive
Plough Avenue
Poets Lane
Pond Street
Ponting Way
Ponting Way
Portland Avenue
Possum Court
Prairie Place
Prestige Place
Pride Way
Princeton Close
Prosperity Street
Prospero Way
Pymble Terrace
Pyrenees Street
Quality Street
Radial Street
Rainer Drive
Rainer Drive
Rainier Drive
Ramsgate Crescent
Ranier Drive
Rathmines Road
Realm Walk
Red Robin Road
Reetaj Crescent
Reiner Mews
Reiner Mews
Rhonda Crescent
Riding Boundary Road
Ridley Place
Ridley Walk
Ridley Walk
Ringarooma Drive
Rio Way
Robinsons Road
Robinsons-Western Out Ramp On
Roccella Avenue
Rochester Grove
Rockgarden Drive
Rockpool Road
Rockson Drive
Rocky Gate Drive
Romek Way
Romi Avenue
Ronald Road
Roseberry Mews
Roundtop Road
Roussos Place
Rugby Crescent
Rugby Lane
Rupert Walk
Rye Street
Rymill Way
Sabbadini Mews
Sabine Way
Saddle Wynd
Sagittarius Avenue
Sahara Way
Saintly Drive
Samsara Avenue
Sangre Street
Santari Street
Sarette Retreat
Sasha Crescent
Saturn Drive
Savanna Parade
Sawatch Street
Sayers Road
Schembri Drive
Schembri Way
Schembri Way
Schiller Street
Scorpio Crescent
Scotsdale Road
Scottsmith Crescent
Seaford Circuit
Sedgefield Avenue
Seed Avenue
Selene Street
Semaphore Road
Sentinel Parade
Shadbush Court
Shakespeare Grove
Shalimar Way
Shamrock Way
Sheaf Road
Sheahan Road
Sherman Court
Shetland Avenue
Shiny Drive
Sieben Court
Sierra Street
Silverbush Way
Silverwood Drive
Sissinghurst Street
Skypac Drive
Slayton Road
Smethwick Court
Society Boulevard
Socorro Way
Sonnet Way
Southdown Avenue
Souvenir Street
Spiteri Place
Stable Drive
Stallion Court
Starburst Avenue
Starflower Way
Stilo Crescent
St Martins Boulevard
Stockmans Drive
Stockyard Street
Stony Brook Way
Stook Road
Stowe Lane
Stromlo Street
Stromlo Street
Stromlo Way
Stromlo Way
Suffolk Street
Sunline Drive
Sunnyvale Rise
Surya Street
Swaby Road
Swanston Avenue
Swinburne Court
Syndicate Lane
Taci Walk
Talland Crescent
Tallgrass Avenue
Tallis Circuit
Talliver Terrace
Tanglewood Boulevard
Tannum Circuit
Tarneit Road
Taronga Road
Taurus Avenue
Tavendale Crescent
Tawny Court
Teacher Crescent
Teak Road
Tendulkar Drive
Tendulkar Drive
Tennyson Drive
Terrace Place
Tess Grove
Theile Court
Thorngrove Street
Thyme Street
Tilton Street
Tilwinda Place
Timberton Way
Timble Way
Tinaroo Way
Titan Grove
Tobol Street
Tomah Way
Tony Drive
Toorongo Circuit
Topcliffe Crescent
Topiary Street
Toritta Way
Toscana Street
Towertree Street
Trafford Drive
Transnational Drive
Treadwell Street
Trevor Crescent
Trickett Drive
Troups Road
Troups Road
Troups Road
Troups Road North
Troups Road South
Tuana Close
Tuana Place
Tylden Way
Unicorn Court
University Road
Ursini Circuit
Valentine Way
Valor Lane
Vanburn Road
Vanderbilt Avenue
Vantage Place
Vassar Court
Venton Street
Venus Street
Verbeck Road
Verdant Road
Vetiver Avenue
Viaduct Parade
Vibrandia Way
Victoria Street
Vienna Place
Vilnius Way
Vincenza Avenue
Virgo Lane
Virgo Walk
Vosges Way
Vulcan Drive
Waddywood Court
Waiora Court
Waiora Court
Wandana Walk
Wando Close
Warren Place
Warrnambool Avenue
Waterways Boulevard
Wayland Road
Weinstock Road
Weinstock Street
Wenden Court
Werona Terrace
Westdahl Street
Western Freeway
Western Highway
Western Out-Robinsons Ramp Off
Westmeadows Lane
Westonbury Drive
West Park Drive
Wetlands Boulevard
Wheat Avenue
Wheat Drive
Wheatland Drive
Whitehouse Avenue
Whitfield Court
Whithouse Avenue
Williamstown Drive
Wilma Court
Wimbledon Grove
Windle Court
Wisdom Avenue
Wonder Mews
Woods Road
Woolshed Drive
Wordsworth Place
Yale Court
Yamada Street
Yandee Court
Yates Avenue
Yin Mews
Yosemite Street
Yucamane Drive
Yukon Street
Zimmerman Street
Zoe Place

Other Localities with Postcode 3029