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Warragul (VIC 3820) Suburb Information

Sales History for Warragul (VIC 3820)

Yearly Sales Information

(Please note that sales history may not be available for every year.)
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Other Sales History Information

Median Sales Prices for Warragul (VIC 3820)

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Streets in Warragul (VIC 3820)

Abbey Court
Aberdeen Street
Acacia Court
Affleck Street
Alaska Court
Albert Road
Albert Street
Albion Court
Alday Place
Alder Place
Alexander Street
Alford Street
Alfred Street
Alida Court
Alluvial Lane
Amber Place
Ambrose Court
Anderson Street
Angus Court
Archee Road
Archibald Crescent
Armadale Drive
Armours Road
Arthurs Drive
Ascott Street
Asha Court
Ashdown Drive
Aspect Way
Atkinson Court
Audra Place
Bagot Street
Bailey Road
Balfour Road
Balharrie Court
Ballast Drive
Balmoral Street
Banksia Street
Barkly Street
Barton Court
Bass Avenue
Baudin Avenue
Baw Baw Drive
Beckham Court
Bellamy Close
Bella Vista Drive
Bell Park Close
Bentley Street
Berkeley Court
Betula Court
Beverley Street
Biram Drive
Birch Court
Blackman Drive
Bladen Drive
Bladen Street
Blaxland Crescent
Bluegum Drive
Bluegum Drive
Blue Gum Drive
Blue Jacket Drive
Bluestone Court
Bona Vista Road
Boronia Street
Botanica Drive
Bourke Street
Bowen Court
Bowen Street
Boxcar Street
Boyd Avenue
Bradley Place
Brandy Creek Road
Brentwood Court
Bronte Avenue
Brooks Court
Buckland Drive
Buln Buln Road
Buntine Drive
Bunya Street
Burke Road
Burke Street
Burnett Close
Burton Street
Burvill Court
Butlers Track
Cadby Court
Cambridge Drive
Camelot Court
Canawindi Drive
Cantona Court
Carisbrooke Drive
Casmil Court
Cason Crescent
Castlefield Court
Cataraqui Court
Caton Street
Cazalys Road
Cedar Crescent
Cedar Place
Cedarwood Drive
Central Arcade
Centre Avenue
Centrepoint Arcade
Centre Point Arcade
Champion Road
Charles Street
Chelsea Court
Cheltenham Drive
Cherrywood Place
Chesterfield Avenue
Christies Road
Churchill Street
Church Street
Civic Place
Clifford Street
Clover Court
Club Lane
Colin Street
Colman Street
Colquhoun Boulevard
Connor Street
Cook Street
Coolabah Court
Copelands Road
Coral Court
Cornish Street
Coventry Drive
Craig Street
Crole Drive
Cromie Drive
Cromwell Road
Cullen Street
Cumberland Avenue
Cunningham Court
Cyclops Street
Dallas Court
Dalmuir Court
Dalton Court
Dalton Street
Dampier Avenue
Danes Road
Davey Street
Davies Street
Davine Street
Dawson Drive
Deakin Court
Deakin Crescent
Deakin Crescent
Denbeigh Court
Denton Drive
Dollarburn Road
Domain Court
Downton Street
Drouin-Warragul-Princes Out Ramp On
Duncan Close
Dundee Street
Dunn Street
Durack Court
Eade Avenue
Earl Court
East West Road
Ebony Court
Edgerton Street
Edinburgh Street
Edmund Street
Eisenhower Street
Elizabeth Street
Ellen Close
Elm Court
Elmside Avenue
Elska Court
Eltsac Close
Emberwood Road
Emerald Drive
Endeavour Street
Evans Road
Eve Road
Exhibition Lane
Eyre Place
Farrington Close
Fenton Street
Fernery Boulevard
Fieldstone Avenue
Fir Place
Flinders Drive
Forrest Boulevard
Francis Way
Frangipani Court
Franklin Avenue
Friend Street
Gales Road
Galloway Street
Gardiner Court
Garrett Street
Gay Court
Gemstone Court
George Street
Gibson Road
Giles Street
Gladstone Street
Glendalough Close
Glendon Drive
Glenhuntly Court
Gloucester Place
Golden Avenue
Gosse Grove
Grandview Drive
Grange Crescent
Greendale Court
Gregory Street
Grevillea Court
Grey Avenue
Grosvenor Court
Gwinear Court
Hadlow Street
Hallyburton Grove
Hamilton Drive
Hampton Drive
Hart Drive
Hartford Avenue
Hastings Square
Hawkesburn Court
Hawkey Road
Haworth Road
Hayes Drive
Hazel Drive
Heartwell Street
Heathland Avenue
Helen Court
Henderlyn Retreat
Henley Avenue
Henrietta Street
Henry Court
Henshall Street
Herbert Street
Heysen Rise
Hibiscus Court
Hickory Street
Highclere Street
Highland Way
Highvale Rise
Hillandale Road
Hillgrove Close
Hillside Grove
Holly Street
Holmfield Court
Hooleys Road
Hope Street
Howard Street
Howitt Street
Hume Court
Hunter Crescent
Huntingfield Court
Hyde Court
Ida Court
Inverness Street
Ironbark Street
Islington Court
Ista Street
Jacaranda Court
Jacob Court
James Court
Jamieson Street
Janette Close
Jarrah Crescent
Jasmine Court
Jerdan Place
June Court
Karen Court
Kendal Avenue
Kennedy Street
Kensington Drive
Kent Street
Kewell Court
Kilfera Court
Killarney Lane
Kimberley Court
Kingston Street
King Street
Kokoda Street
Kookaburra Court
Koonung Drive
Koroit Street
Korrumburra-Warragul Road
Korumburra-Warragul-Princes In Ramp On
Korumburra-Warragul-Princes Out Ramp On
Korumburra-Warragul Road
Kurrajong Road
Lancashire Road
Landsborough Street
Lantana Avenue
La Perouse Crescent
Lardners Track
Larkones Court
Latrobe Street
Lawson Crescent
Leichardt Court
Lewisham Court
Ley Street
Lilleys Road
Lillico Road
Lillypilly Avenue
Lillypilly Avenue
Lillypilly Street
Lillypilly Street
Limestone Court
Lincoln Street
Lindy Court
Lochfyne Close
Loddon Court
Logan Street
Longmuir Road
Longview Road
Lonsdale Court
Lovell Drive
Lowe Place
Macallister Court
Macarthur Street
Magnolia Way
Maidenhair Drive
Mangrove Street
Manna Gum Court
Manningham Court
Maple Way
Margaret Street
Marrabel Court
Martin Court
Martin Crescent
Mary Street
Mason Street
Masterson Court
Matchetts Road
Mather Street
Mavis Avenue
Mavis Place
Mavis Street
McCarthy Court
McColl Street
McCubbin Drive
McCulloch Avenue
McDonald Street
McFarlanes Road
McMillan Drive
McNeil Street
Meadowbrook Crescent
Meadow Court
Medley Lane
Meehan Road
Melanie Drive
Melzak Way
Mills Road
Milton Avenue
Minster Avenue
Mitchell Court
Montgomery Street
Montrose Street
Moores Road
Moroka Drive
Morton Road
Motherwell Lane
Mountain Ash Street
Mount Worth Court
Mouritz Street
Mt Worth Court
Muirhead Close
Munro Street
Murdie Road
Myrtle Crescent
Napier Street
Need Court
Neerim Rail Drive
Neilson Court
Nerrim Rail Drive
Newton Avenue
Nicolas Court
No 1 Road
No1 Road
No1 Road
Nobel Street
Nolan Drive
Noranby Street
Normanby Place
Normanby Street
North Road
Numbat Place
Nursery Rise
Oak Court
Odowds Road
O'Dowds Road
Old Ridge Road
Old Sale Road
Olympic Street
Opal Court
Oriental Road
Orion Court
Ormond Avenue
Owen Stanley Lane
Oxley Place
Page Place
Palmerston Street
Pandanus Court
Paramount Drive
Park Court
Parkhead Circuit
Parsons Street
Paterson Street
Paulan Court
Paynter Street
Peace Avenue
Pearse Street
Penny Avenue
Peppercorn Circle
Peppercorn Crescent
Percy Street
Permewan Lane
Pertzel Court
Pettit Street
Pharaohs Road
Pharohs Road
Philip Street
Phoenix Street
Pine Grove
Pioneer Street
Plenty Drive
Princes Freeway
Princes Highway
Princes In-Korumburra-Warragul Ramp Off
Princes Out-Drouin-Warragul Ramp Off
Princes Out-Korumburra-Warragul Ramp Off
Princess Street
Prospect Lane
Queen Street
Ramsay Court
Rangeview Street
Rebecca Court
Red Jacket Drive
Redleaf Avenue
Reservoir Road
Rintel Court
Roberts Court
Roberts Road
Roseleigh Street
Ruby Close
Rulemont Road
Rulemount Road
Rush Street
Russell Street
Rutland Street
Ryan Court
Sandstock Drive
Sapphire Close
Sargeant Street
Sawery Parkway
Sawery Parkway
Sawrey Parkway
Sawrey Parkway
Scenic Road
Selent Drive
Serene Court
Sheoak Street
Shopping Plaza
Shorthouse Road
Siding Road
Silkwood Drive
Silky Drive
Silverwattle Drive
Silver Wattle Drive
Silverwood Drive
Simes Court
Sinclair Street
Skewes Court
Skinners Road
Skyline Drive
Smith Street
Smokebox Court
Solomons Road
Somerset Drive
South Road
Spinifex Court
Spring Street
Stamford Street
Steward Street
Stirling Street
Stockdales Road
Stoddarts Road
Stoffers Street
Stoke Street
Stoll Street
Stratfield Court
Streeton Drive
Stretton Drive
Stretton Drive
Strzelecki Court
Sturt Place
Sunnybrook Avenue
Sunridge Avenue
Sussex Lane
Sutton Street
Tamar Avenue
Tambo Drive
Tarago Court
Tarwin Street
Tasman Road
Tassel Drive
Tassell Drive
Tatterson Court
Teese Street
Tenterfield Avenue
Thatch Court
The Grove
Thomas Court
Tilia Court
Timberside Avenue
Tobruk Street
Toland Avenue
Toorak Avenue
Toorongo Court
Topaz Street
Townmead Street
Tramway Street
Treforest Court
Trinca Lane
Trumpy Lane
Trumpy Street
Tulip Court
Turner Street
Twin Ranges Drive
Tyssen Street
Upland Drive
Valentine Street
Valleyview Street
Valley View Street
Valley Vista Drive
Valpied Court
Vermont Avenue
Victoria Street
Victoria Street
Village Drive
Walan Lane
Waratah Drive
Warragul-Allambee Road
Warragul-Korumburra Road
Warragul-Lardner Road
Warragul Shopping Plaza
Warraview Close
Warringa Court
Wattle Court
Wattleglade Avenue
Wattleglade Court
Watt Street
Web Court
Wellington Court
Wentworth Court
Western Park Drive
Willan Court
Willandra Circuit
Williams Lane
William Square
Williams Square
Williams Street
Willow Crescent
Wills Street
Windhaven Court
Windhaven Drive
Windsor Avenue
Winslow Crescent
Witton Street
Wylie Avenue
Zelman Drive

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