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Wodonga (VIC 3690) Suburb Information

Sales History for Wodonga (VIC 3690)

Yearly Sales Information

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Median Sales Prices for Wodonga (VIC 3690)

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Streets in Wodonga (VIC 3690)

Acacia Crescent
Ahern Court
Alison Court
Allambie Crescent
All Saints Court
Amaroo Crescent
Anderson Street
Andrews Lane
Anglesey Street
Angus Avenue
Anne Street
Anzac Parade
Ardern Place
Arnold Place
Athens Street
Athol Street
Auburn Street
Aurora Way
Avenel Circuit
Avondale Drive
Awburn Street
Axford Boulevard
Badcoe Avenue
Badcoe Street
Baelon Street
Ballara Drive
Ballard Street
Balmoral Drive
Bambra Court
Bandiana Link-Hume Out Ramp
Bandiana Link-Hume Out Ramp On
Bandiana Link Road
Bank Street
Banovic Lane
Barmah Place
Bartel Court
Bassett Street
Batt Avenue
Beard Crescent
Beardmore Street
Beatham Street
Beech Street
Beechworth Road
Beechworth Street
Beechworth-Wodonga Road
Belgrade Avenue
Bell Court
Bennetts Lane
Benson Court
Benson Street
Berkeley Close
Binder Crescent
Birallee Place
Bisdee Court
Blackburn Close
Black Street
Blue Bonnet Way
Bond Street
Bonn Court
Borland Circuit
Boronia Place
Bourke Crescent
Bradford Street
Bremer Avenue
Brockley Street
Brolga Court
Brown Court
Buckley Circuit
Buckley Street
Buda Court
Bugden Street
Bullock Court
Buntz Court
Burnley Street
Burrows Court
Burton Crescent
Butterworth Court
Butterworth Place
Caernarvon Court
Cambourne Court
Camellia Court
Camola Court
Camp Street
Cardiff Drive
Cardwell Court
Carkeek Street
Carlisle Crescent
Carrolls Lane
Cartwright Street
Castle Court
Castle Cove
Castle Creek Road
Castle Road
Castle Street
Castleton Street
Central Place
Chapman Street
Chapple Street
Charles Street
Chenery Street
Cherry Tree Lane
Chisholm Court
Christie Court
Church Street
Clarendon Avenue
Clover Avenue
Cole Court
Coleman Street
Collins Street
Colman Street
Cologne Court
Colombera Circuit
Colombera Drive
Como Court
Conway Court
Corella Way
Costa Court
Coulston Street
Coverdale Drive
Croyland Street
Cudgewa-Wodonga Rail Trail
Cummings Street
Curlew Lane
Currajong Court
Cutler Crescent
Cypress Court
Dalby Lane
Dalgleish Street
Damian Court
Dane Place
Dartnell Crescent
Davey Walk
Day Street
De Kerilleau Drive
Delaware Court
Derrick Street
Diamond Drive
Dick Street
Diosma Court
Docking Street
Dominic Drive
Donnington Drive
Drapers Road
Dublin Street
Dunluce Place
Dunstans Lane
Dunstan Street
Edwards Road
Elgin Boulevard
Elgin Street
Elliot Lane
Elliott Lane
Elm Street
Elmwood Circuit
Elsa Court
Eltham Court
Erlandsen Circuit
Ethel Lane
Ethel Street
Evans Court
Felltimber Creek Road
Fenwick Court
Fern Avenue
Flaxlilly Lane
Flower Place
Forrest Mars Avenue
French Terrace
Fulford Street
Gaby Terrace
Gadsden Court
Gaff Court
Gannon Court
Gantry Parade
Gardner Street
Gilbert Street
Glasgow Street
Glenairne Street
Glen Avon Terrace
Glenview Avenue
Goonan Lane
Gordon Street
Goynes Road
Gralen Street
Grange Close
Grant Court
Gratwick View
Green Court
Grieve Way
Griffith Street
Gurney Crescent
Hague Road
Haldon Court
Haley Crescent
Hallawell Crescent
Hall Court
Hamilton Smith Drive
Hampton Court
Hanna Court
Hardie Court
Harkin Avenue
Harris Court
Hartwig Road
Harvey Court
Havelock Street
Healey Close
Hearst Court
Heatherly Court
Heckendorf Road
Heidelberg Drive
Helm Court
Helsingor Avenue
Hempel Street
Hensley Court
Hereford Street
Hewitt Court
Heyington Place
High-Hume In Ramp On
High Street
High Street 9 South Street
Hill Street
Hilltop Court
Hodson Place
Holmes Court
Hovell Street
Howard Street
Howse Crescent
Hoysted Place
Hugh Court
Hume Freeway
Hume In-Bandiana Link Ramp Off
Hume In-High Ramp Off
Hume In-Melrose Ramp Off
Hume Out-High Ramp Off
Hume Out-Melbourne Ramp Off
Hume Street
Hunt Street
Huon Creek Road
Huons Hill Road
Huon Street
Ian Court
Inwood Crescent
Iona Court
Jacka Street
Jack Hore Place
Jacks Place
James Street
Jarrah Street
Jeffries Rise
Jells Court
Jensen Crescent
Jevington Drive
Johneva Avenue
Jones Court
Joynt Close
Joynt Way
Kane Road
Karalla Court
Keighran Avenue
Kelliher Avenue
Kelly Street
Kelso Court
Ken Adamson Walk
Kendall Street
Kenna Street
Kennedy Court
Kestrel Circuit
Keysor Way
Kiev Court
King Street
Kintore Lane
Kirribilli Court
Kite Place
Koendidda Court
Lalor Place
Lange Street
Lauren Place
Lavender Street
Lawrence Street
Lawry Street
Lee Court
Leighton Court
Leisure Centre Drive
Leonard Street
Lightwood Drive
Lincoln Causeway
Lind Place
Lindsay Street
Lingford Court
Liverpool Lane
Loames Street
London Road
Lorikeet Street
Lowanna Street
Lowerson Way
Ludwig Street
Lyndren Street
Lysterfield Lane
Mackenzie Crescent
Mackey Street
MacTier Avenue
Madex Street
Magnolia Crescent
Maneroo Court
Manning Place
Manns Lane
Mann Street
Maple Court
Margaret Street
Marie Drive
Marigold Court
Mark Street
Martin Street
Maxwell Drive
Maygar Avenue
McAuliffe Street
McCarthy Street
McDermott Court
McDougall Grove
McDowell Street
McFarland Road
McGee Street
McGeoch Court
McGrath Court
McHargs Lane
McIllree Court
McKibbin Court
McNamara Place
McSwiney Court
Melba Place
Melbourne-Hume In Ramp On
Melbourne Road
Melgaard Court
Melrose Drive
Melrose-Hume Out Ramp On
Memorial Drive
Mena Court
Merlinda Court
Michael Drive
Middleton Crescent
Milan Court
Milend Street
Mill Street
Milos Boulevard
Mint Street
Mirabelle Court
Mitchell Street
Moloney Drive
Moonya Drive
Moorefield Park Drive
Mores Court
Morrison Street
Morse Court
Mortimer Terrace
Mortlock Drive
Moulder Court
Muir Court
Mulqueeney Street
Murphy Street
Murray Street
Mylon Court
Nelson Court
Newland Street
Newman Crescent
Nicole Crescent
Nilmar Avenue
Noel Street
Norah Avenue
Nordsvan Drive
Norm Court
Octavius Street
Oleander Court
Omeara Street
O'Meara Street
Oneill Lane
Opal Court
Osburn Street
Oslo Court
Paris Court
Parkfield Drive
Parkland Drive
Park Lane
Parkview Close
Park View Close
Parnaby Street
Partridge Way
Payne Street
Pearce Street
Peeler Street
Pembroke Crescent
Peregrine Place
Petcare Place
Peterkin Lane
Pettiford Court
Phefley Court
Phillips Street
Pickering Place
Pinkerton Court
Pollard Street
Pope Terrace
Poplar Street
Porta Court
Powell Court
Prague Avenue
Premier Close
Pressnell Lane
Pretty Street
Primrose Way
Proctor Street
Prunis Court
Pyke Court
Queen Street
Quinlivan Place
Quinlivin Place
Quirk Court
Railway Street
Rattray Avenue
Reg Morley Walk
Reid Street
Reuss Road
Rex Court
Richardson Street
Riga Court
Ripponlea Avenue
Ritter Road
Riverview Terrace
Roadshow Drive
Rogers Avenue
Romsey Court
Roseland Road
Rosemont Court
Royce Court
Rundle Street
Ruthven Circuit
Sadlier Street
Saldaise Street
Samantha Terrace
Sanctuary Boulevard
Sangsters Road
Sans Souce Drive
Sans Souci Drive
Sanyo Drive
Saunders Crescent
Saunders Street
Scarborough Drive
Schlink Street
Schubert Crescent
Serin Lane
Sesame Lane
Sexton Place
Sexton Street
Sheathers Road
Shout Lane
Silky Oak Avenue
Silva Drive
Singh Court
Skipton Court
Skitch Street
Smythe Street
Snowdon Street
Sofia Court
South Street
Spring Avenue
Stanger Court
Stanley Street
Stapleton Court
Starbush Road
Starcevich Lane
Statton Way
Steele Road
Stephen Court
Sticklewort Street
Stiff Court
Stock Route
Stock Route Road
Stott Court
Strathmore Street
Streets Road
Sullivan Lane
Sutton Court
Swansea Close
Swan Street
Tanner Terrace
Tarakan Street
Ted Macklin Walk
The Court
The Mews
Thomas Mitchell Drive
Thorneycroft Avenue
Throssell Crescent
Timberline Trail
Toledo Court
Tourmaline Drive
Tower Street
Trimble Lane
Trudewind Road
Tubb Lane
Turner Court
Twomey Court
Uralla Court
Vermont Street
Victoria Cross Parade
Vienna Court
Vining Court
Waratah Way
Wark Street
Warrina Court
Warsaw Crescent
Warwick Road
Watson Street
Wattle Court
Weathers Place
Weeks Crescent
Whans Lane
Wheeler Street
Whenby Court
Whernside Drive
Whittle Lane
Whytes Court
Wigelia Court
Wigg Street
Wilca Way
Wilkinson Drive
Willett Drive
William Page Drive
William Street
Willowdale Street
Willow Parade
Wilson Street
Wiltshire Crescent
Windsor Street
Wirilda Close
Wise Court
Wodonga Place
Wodonga Street
Woodland Street
Wornes Drive
Yarralumla Drive
Zeinert Street
Ziebell Circuit

Other Localities with Postcode 3690