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TAS Advanced Map Help

The allhomes.com.au advanced mapping helps you find properties for sale or rent, and helps you geographically browse block information and past sales.

The mapping page contains a map and options. The options allow you choose what is displayed on the map.

Map Layout and Icons

The map has a small overview map in the bottom right hand corner of the main map. This displays a higher view of the area currently displayed on the main map. The overview can be hidden by clicking the small arrow in the bottom right corner. Click the arrow again to show the overview again.

By default sale and rental listing icons are displayed on the map. The red houses indicate properties for sale and the grey houses indicate properties for rent. Zoom in on an area to see all the properties for sale or rent.

Clicking on a sale or rental icon will display basic details of the property. To find out more you can follow the link to the full listing.

Map Navigation

All navigation on the map is performed using the mouse pointer. There is a navigation control on the left which allows you to move the map in each direction and to zoom in and out. You can also move around the map by pressing the left mouse button down, dragging and then releasing the left mouse button. Double clicking on the map will zoom in and centre on the point you clicked.

You can also click and drag the overview map to move locations much quicker.


The options beside the map allow you to customize what is displayed on the map. For example you can opt to hide rental listing icons and display sale listing icons.