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Holt (ACT 2615) Suburb Information

The location you have searched for (Ginninderra Estate) is officially known as Holt (ACT 2615)

Suburb History


Harold Holt was the Prime Minister of Australia from 1966-67 and was then a Member of the House of Representatives from 1935-67. He was also the Minister for Labour and national service from 1940-41 and then from 1949-58. He was the Minister for Immigration from 1949-56 and was Treasurer from 1958-66.

Street Naming Theme

Street names in Holt are named after Sportsmen and Sportswomen such as Jack Biggs, motor cyclist to Alexander Burdon, one of the founders of Rugby League.

Sales History for Holt (ACT 2615)

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Median Sales Prices for Holt (ACT 2615)

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Streets in Holt (ACT 2615)