Miniature shops for fancy mice open up in Sweden

.. Photo: Instagram/anonymouse_mmx

Where do mice go to celebrate important anniversaries? To the mouse restaurant of course.

Two miniature mouse restaurants have been set up by Swedish artist group Anonymouse MMX, who built the tiny art installations in the Swedish city of Malmo.

The first installation they completed was a French shop called Noix de Vie (translated as “Nuts of Life”) that features a window display with hazelnuts.

Next door is Il Topolino (Italian for Mickey Mouse), an Italian restaurant with a red-and-white awning, and working lights.  

The installations are incredibly detailed – a sign is posted outside the restaurant explaining which credit cards are accepted.

The town even has the rodent equivalent of Banksy – a graffiti artist working with black stencils, and there are posters for upcoming mouse events.


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The shop fronts are 70cm x 30cm, however the city’s mice can’t actually enter, unless they find a way to break in. 

Anonymouse MMX told the Huffington Post the artworks were inspired by Disney, and the idea that mice live a super cute life parallel to ours. 

“The idea is for them to stick around until someone breaks them, and for them to become an organic part of the city,” the mysterious mouse artist said.


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“Already people have started to interact with them ― someone has baked miniature buns and posters have been added to the scenery.”

Anonymouse’s most recent update promises there’s more to come: “Without spoiling too much we can tell you that we’re working on a new scene, and in 2017 you’re going to be able to see plenty more!”


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