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Nickie Xiao

Independent Property Group Belconnen

Having lived in Canberra forthe last 20 years, Nickie Xiao has become a real fan of the capital. It is undeniable that Canberra has changed for the better dramatically over the last 2 decades and anyone would easily enjoy the comfortable living the place has to offer, such as high income, affordable housing and a relatively sparse population. Canberra has trumped Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to be ranked within the Top 3 of Lonely Planet's Best Cities to Visit in 2018 - ranking higher than any Australian city has ever been ranked before in Lonely Planet's Best in Travel guide. National treasures are found round almost every corner and exciting new boutique precincts have emerged, bulging with gastronomic highlights and cultural must-dos.

With a solid hospitality management background, real estate has provided a different field for Nickie to perform her people-handling skills. She has a passion for building long lasting relationships with her clients which are based on honesty, communication and professionalism. She will be your go-to person when you are in need of any real estate related assistance. She understands the importance of being attentive with her work, supportive of her colleagues and compassionate with her clients. Being bilingual has offered Nickie an opportunity to better assist Mandarin-speaking clients.

Nickie takes pride in everything that she's passionate about such as hospitality, real estate and bodybuilding. Even though both hospitality and real estate share the nature of demanding hours, she has always made sure she completes 6 days of training in the gym for the last 6 years. Fitness is an attitude and lifestyle which brings joy and confidence. She believes that a happy and confident person produces positive outcomes to life and the people around her.

If Nickie sounds like the type of agent that you want to work with, give her a call today.